The Book Thief Themes By, Dillon Homer

Theme 1: Actions Speak louder then words.

In the book "The Book Thief" the Jewish people have the chose of just following the German Reich orders or they can fight for their right to Freedom. Some people chose to harbor the Jewish people, because they did not like what their ideas of the new country. So they take in the Jewish people and help them survive even though that person that is helping them can be killed.

In real life you have the opportunity to either fight or use you're words. People are able to be smart or you can fight. You can talk the talk but are you able to walk the walk. Some Jewish people in WWII took the actions that the German Reich did and gave them a reason to fight and help the Allies to defeat the German's.

Theme #2: Working Class Struggles

"Its was my fault completely. I told her to stop crying of her dead son" (Zusak 264)

People in the book had a very hard time working to provide for each other, they had limited resources which also impacted their life. Even if people had the money to purchase food or personal items the German Army got first dibs on resupply. People can get jobs but there is not a good supply of money or any rations that people can bargain for.

In real life Veterans that come back from war have a hard time adapting to normal civilian life some people have family to help them, some just had the military that just kicked them out. Not all people that join have a plan when they get out they wanted to serve the Country Proudly. They try to find a job but some people don't want someone with no background skill in certain jobs, so they have no chose to be homeless out on the streets and fighting once again to live.

Theme #3:

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