Civil Rights Movment

Jim Crow law

Jim Crow laws segregated colored people from the white people from schools, bathrooms, water fountains, and where people even lived at times. Basically all public spaces. Also, it was illegal to get married to people of other race. The only exception is if a white man or women is marrying a man or with that has less than one eighth of African American in there blood.

Little Rock 9

Little Rock 9 is a group of nine high school students that were bullied. They were followed by mobs at times and they had the national guard protecting them from the people that were following them. Also, only one of the 9 people from Little Rock 9 graduated from high school and became successful.

Lesson Assessment

The most important Civil Rights movement to me is when they abolished slavery in 1865 a.k.a. the thirteen amendment. It is the most important to me because if slavery was still allowed today, then we would not be able to be with our friends that are colored unless you owned a slave, but I wouldn't be that's wrong.


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