Fra Filippo Lippi Matthew bostrup

  • Fra Filippo Lippi was born in Florence Italy in 1406.
  • He spent pretty much all of his life in Florence as thats where he lived and died
  • Lippi's first touch with art was when him and his brother were put in the convent of Carmelite Monks at Santa Maria, and the Brancacci Chapel was being decorated at the time with frescoes by Masaccio as this was Lippi's first touch of art.
  • His Childhood was pretty rough with his Mom and Dad passing away when he was very young and then it was just him and his brother who for a while lived with their aunt and then were put into the Carmelite monks which is where Lippi's first touch of art was
  • He was a famous painter
  • Lippi was heavily supported by the Medici's

The Work:

  • The Art piece of his that I chose was Madonna And Child
  • The piece was created in 1465
  • It can be found in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence Italy
  • The swirls Lines that he drew over Madonna's face is something that he brought in to early Renaissance painting and it is important because it became something that he would then teach to his student Botticelli
  • I thinks its interesting because it shows that Mary and the angels have become so real to us that it seems like a portrait
Madonna and Child

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