Car enthusiasts of Sweden Classic Volvo Cars

My name is David Connaughton (Primalux) and I am a Wedding photographer. However during 2016 I decided to take on a little personal project inspired by my wife's father who is extremely passionate about classic Volvo cars. All the photos were taken over a one month period. I would love to revisit this project some time in the future to further expand on the catalog.

Below are a series of environmental portraits, documenting people in Sweden who own classic Volvo cars. Everyone has a unique and personal reason for owning a classic car. But regardless of their reasons, they all share something in common with one another. I wanted to document the various owners, showcasing their differences, while also highlighting that they are all related in some way.

If you like my photos and want to see more of my work please check out the following links. Thanks for reading - David.

Contact: primaluxfotografi@gmail.com

Other Photo Projects: "Rune & Morfar"

All photographs are taken by David Connaughton and are protected by copyright law. They may not be reproduced in any way without my permission.

Kenneth Klasén - Duett 445 -60
Linus Johansson - Amazon combi -64
Patrik Nyberg - Amazon -61
Arne Almén - PV 445 -51
Kjell Brunnström - TR 678 -34 (taxi)
Sven Brandt - Amazon -69
Sören Gunnarsson - P1800 -65
Anders Linder - Duett -64
Maria Kangasniemi - P1800 es -72
Johnny Björklund - Amazon -64
Thomas Björklund - Amazon -69
Rasmus Borgström - 164E -74
Hans Åkerberg - Amazon combi -66
Sven-Erik Björklund - Duett -68
Jöran Långström - PV -53
Päivi Ollinger - Amazon -66
Björn Johansson - Amazon combi (civil polisbil) -69
Andreas Östlund - Duett 445 -58
Edvin Matsegård - Duett Epa -56


David Connaughton / Primalux Fotografi

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