The First Constellation By: Taylor, Adriana & Elise

Long ago when the Earth was new, the gods and people lived in harmony. There were two boys named Epaphus and Phaethon and their fathers, Zeus and Apollo. The boys, along with many other people thought the stars were made by death, and in a way they are correct. People believed that the following story is how the first star came to be and how they will always come to be...

The New Earth

One morning, the two boys were racing along the edge of a cliff by the sea that was glimmering. After a while of bickering, both boys came to a conclusion about who won the race and it led to an argument about their fathers.

Phaethon and Epaphus racing

Epaphus’ father was Zeus, Phaethon’s father was Apollo. Epaphus did not believe that Phaethons father was Apollo, so Phaethon got mad, and they made an agreement that Phaethon would drive the Chariot tonight, but he had to prove it. After a long journey, Phaethon finally got to Apollo, he begged his father to drive the sun chariot, “ Dad please, I am ready, I can handle it.”and once Phaethon convinced his dad, Apollo allowed his son his request, “ Okay, but you must stay in the middle path, go to close, the Earth will melt, go to far, and the Earth will freeze.”

The earth if Phaethon flew to high
The earth if Phaethon flew to low

But when Phaethon finally got to drive the chariot, the chariot horses got off the middle path causing him to lose control. Zeus then realized he had to sacrifice Apollo’s son for everyone else's lives , so he then threw a lightning bolt high into the sky, hitting Phaethon.

Phaethon driving the sun chariot
Zeus getting ready to strike Phaethon

Phaethon fell to the ground and lay by the river. Once Apollo found out that Phaethon had died he had to make a tough decision on what to do with Phaethon and his weeping sisters. After a while of thinking about the consequences of each choice, Apollo decided to turn Phaethon’s sisters into poplar trees and threw Phaethon’s ashes up into the sky.

Phaethon's sisters as poplar trees weeping

Once night came, Apollo saw that Phaethon’s ashes seemed to form what looked like a small chip of the sun. In honor of Phaeton, Apollo named this formation a constellation, and continued to turn the special ones who passed into constellations in remembrance of them. This is how the first stars came to be, and how they will continue to be made over time.

Although,while the stars are beautiful and mysterious, they still represent those who have passed and can even bring sadness to some people. Though this is simply a story it has shown us that you should never be careless when you are in an argument or even in a daily conversation or else the result could end up with a something bad,tragedy, and maybe even death. So, the next time that you are in an argument, think about Phaethon and his consequences, and it just might change your response to the situation at hand.

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