Steve Lalik The Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University Quarantine CRew Project 2020

Part One

Stephen Lalik B.F.A. 1992, Northern Illinois University.

Mary and Leigh Block Museum Preparator, since 2008.

In college I concentrated on 3 areas of work. Bronze casting, ceramics (hand building & throwing) and assemblage (assembling found objects by welding or mechanically).

Bronze Casting



Part Two

In my work as a museum preparator I have been able to use skills that I developed in college. These include sculpting, welding, mold making, and casting.

Ethafoam and tyvek mount made for an elephant skull
The reconstruction of The Field Museum’s Giant Beaver, Castoroides Ohioensis.

Part Three

I’ve been interested in and making candles for 30+ years. Here are some studio photos and some of what I like to call my “candle altars”.