Sonya Walker electronic career portfolio

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Resume Template

Sonya Walker

Bartow, FL 33830,


  • 2016-Present; Gause Academy Bartow, Florida
  • Career Technical courses: Digital Design, Culinary Arts


First Baptist Church Fort Meade, Florida


Vacation Bible School- Worked in Music Department teaching songs to children.

Children's Choir- Assist children with practicing songs.

Children's Church- Teach lessons, play games, assist with snacks.

Nicaragua Mission Trip- Taught Bible School lessons, music, games, arts and crafts.


  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Power point
  • Adobe InDesign
Career Research Summary

Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists is the career that I have chosen.

Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists must be able to calculate and predict population sizes, migration patterns, birth and death rates of animals. Also they need strong backgrounds in math, physics, and computer science, and natural sciences. A recommended course includes habitat design, wild bird management, large mammal conservation, wildlife ecology, and fishers ecology.

The pay of this job consists of $59,680 per year, and you get $28.69 per hour.

The entry level of education that is needed for this specific job is a bachelor's degree, and if you want to go on a higher level of this occupation you would need a master's degree, also if you want to lead your own independent research you will need a Ph.D.

For this type of work you do not need a work experience in a related occupation.

In 2014 there were 21,300 jobs accessible.

The job outlook from 2014-24 looks to be 4% slower than average.

Zoologist and wildlife biologists study animals and other wildlife. Also they look at how the animals live and interact with their habitat. They study the physical characteristics, the behavior, and the impact of humans in their habitat.

Zoologists and wildlife biologists can work outdoors, in offices, or laboratories depending on the type of job they have. Zoologists usually are identified by the animal group they study. For example, ornithologists study birds, mammalogists study mammals, herpetologists study reptiles, and ichthyologists study fish. Zoologists and wildlife biologists, particularly those in academia, may spend a significant amount of time writing.

Students typically take zoology and wildlife biology courses in ecology, anatomy, wildlife management, and cellular biology in college. You need a well-rounded scientific background, and applied techniques.

Here are some examples of the animals Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists study:

Career-Related Education (Samples)

On the computer I am working on some postcards for a company that I chose and my Electronic Career Portfolio . I am also at Bok Tower collecting data for plants, animals, buildings, and monuments.

Here are some certificates from the Online Expert/ Learn Key for the Art of Customer Service, Attitude for Success, Business Ethics on the job, Bullying and Respect in the Workplace, Calming upset customers, and Communication Skills for the Workplace.

Here are some examples of my work in Photoshop CC.


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