The Safavid Empire

The Safavid Empire was mostly based in Persia, which today, is Iran. The empire also spread throughout Turkey, and Georgia.
Safavid Leaders
A shia leader named Safi was the founder of the empire, and called himself the first King, or Shah of the empire. His descendant, Ismail I, conquered Tabriz, and made some changes in the empire. He accepted shia Islam, and made the empire safer. One very important leader, named Nadir Shah, kept Iran safe from attacks, but after his assassination, the empire had finally collapsed.
Conquered Lands
A Shah names Abbas, conquered many lands. First, he went to Herat, which is now Afghanistan, and conquered it. Then, he went back to the land called Ajerbaijan, that was already conquered in earlier times by the Muslims, and reconquered. After that, he went to Baghdad, which is mostly now, Iraq.
Losing Power
After many years of keeping the empire strong and powerful, it finally came to the end in 1774. After that, the empire was taken over by a Turkish dynasty, called the Qajars.
Empire Length
The Safavid empire lasted from 1501-1722. This means the empire lasted for 221 years.


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