Project 3 Fabolous Design Itzel Quezada AM-PD

The laser cutter shield that I designed come out really good in quality but a bit hard to see on the wood. It was really accurate so it even got the uneven side I couldn't fix on the cad. The laser cutter works using a laser with different heat intensities to either engrave or cut out a shape. The machine is considered to be quite accurate and with the shield I design I can say that the accuracy was really good.

Poison Joke shield

The SRM-20 was also pretty good though it did chip a bit of my birds head and the wings feathers also were slightly chipped the overall product came out better than I expected. The SRM-20 unlike the laser cutter is considered to be very unstable due the vibration it still did a fair job on the bird I designed. The SRM- 20 uses a bit to carve out the programmed shape though it also has constraints with sharp edges and cannot make such cuts.

Tiny Bird of Colors

The Form lab also had better precision than what I had accounted for and did well on the teddy bear the figure is holding though the bear is quite small it quite accurate and doesn't fused into the hips as I though it would. The Form lab also uses a heating mechanism but applies it differently than the laser and is used for the resin to form the desired shape.

Little Boy


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