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Congrats!! You have made it to the beautiful San Diego, California. Unfortunately you're only here for a very short time...a whopping 36 hours!!! I know what you're thinking what on earth am I going to see, the world Famous Sea world, or the beautiful views of Mission beach? Worry no longer this will disect hour by hour what to do, to have the best time in just 36 hours.

1. In-N-Out Burger

1. IN-N-OUT Now before you get to all your fun you have to eat don't cha? The first stop you need to make is to in n out burger, this classic burger joint will have you watering at the mouth while youre still waiting in line to order! This stop should only take you about 45 minutes so its the perfect place to start out a perfect vacation. If you need directions click the button below!

2. La Jolla

2. La Jolla Beach After you have a stomach full of yummy burgers and fries your gonna need somewhere to work it off, youre probably thinking why not run at my hotel gym, why do that when you can run on the beautiful La Jolla beach with the ocean breeze in your face? Maybe your not in the exercise mood, you can surf, boogie board, relax, you name it. Two hours is the perfect time to spend here so you'll still want to visit other beautiful San Diego beaches.

3. The Kiss at Midway

3. The Kiss at Midway Next stop Romance, we'll go ahead and assume you're going on this trip with a spouse or significant other. Now that youve been hanging out in beautiful San Diego for 3 hours, you have 33 hours left, why not take a rest at one of the coolest man made views, the "Kiss at midway" statue, this historic yet romantic statue is the perfect place to relax and eat some ice cream. This should take you about 30 mins which is no time at all for a great time!

4. The USS Midway

4. The USS Midway This behemoth of an aircraft carrier is the perfect way to spend time while close to the down town area and its right next to the Kiss at midway statue, so its just a walk away. This museum is self guided that lets you dive into deepest caverns of this historic piece of US History, plus those ocean views are hard to beat. The self guided tour should take no longer than two hours to see the whole thing!

5. Kansas City Barbeque

5. Kansas City Barbecue Now we put you at about 5:30-6:00 in the pm, so what does that mean? More food of course!! Kansas city Barbecue, which is ironically located in Downtown San Diego and not KC is just a walk away from the USS Midway. This tasty Barbecue is perfect for dinner. Also it is the location of the iconic "Top Gun" movie scene where Tom cruise sings with his naval cadets "you've lost that loving feeling" to serenade a women. This should take about an hour and a half to enjoy this historic site in movie history and grab some 5 star BBQ.

6. Hotel

6. Hotel As sad as it is you will have to sleep, so check in before you go have more fun, you have about 29 hours left in this beautiful place called San Diego, more specifically Mission bay, theres tons of Vacation rentals to choose from in different price ranges and so on, click the link below to see tons of options! It will take about 30 mins to check in and then you'll be back to having fun!!

7. Guava Bar & Grill

7. Guava Bar & Grill Now who doesn't love late night Mexican food? Its simply the best, the best place to go is Guava. They have the best fajitas ever, also ( if your of age) they serve as they say "World Famous Margaritas". Just make sure you can get home okay!! Guava is just a walk away from where you'll be staying but the link is below to be sure you get to the right place. This stop will take about 1 hour.

8. Sleep

8. Sleep You gotta sleep don't cha? This is maybe a little controlling but we recommend 8 hours of rest for your last day of fun!!! We hope that you sleep comfortably in your beach view room! Rest up! You've got a big day tomorrow!

9. Breakfast

9. Breakfast Now that you have only 20 Hours left in Sunny San diego we recommend a quick Breakfast spot called the Olive Cafe. This restaurant is the perfect place, just steps away from your hotel, its the perfect place to bask in the San Diego sun while enjoying some amazing food! If you want to glance at the menu, just click the button below! This should take about 45 mins.

10. San Diego Comic Con

10. San Diego Comic con now this may be something that people will write off because they don't like getting there geek on. But so what? Comic Con is still an amazing experience and is always ammo for cool stories to tell when your sitting around a campfire when you are back in Chilly Colorado! This still may be an acquired taste though. The button below will give you directions to the San Diego Convention Center where Comic Con is hosted and any other info needed. This will take about 3 hours.

11. The Headquarters at Seaport

11. The Headquarters at Seaport This very interesting gem is one that many tourists don't think to visit. We all know that people want to shop when they travel right? Well why not do it in a mall that used to belong to the San Diego Police Department. This one of a kind mall is full of cool shoppes, and cool history like a jail cell right next to the public restrooms. If you want more info click the button below! This place is the perfect way to spend 2 hours.

12. Eddie V's

12. Eddie V's Want delicious steak? Eddie V's is the perfect place to get real authentic steak and seafood. This location is located in the same mall, The Headquarters at Seaport. This Restaurant is located in what used to be the courthouse of this police station. This is the perfect place to relax after a few hours of shopping. This will probably take about an hour and a half of your time but its well worth it.

12. San Diego Zoo

12. San Diego Zoo Want to spend a few hours looking at tons of cute and scary animals? The San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous Zoos in the country. This Zoo is famous for its Adorable Panda bears and large unique layout. This Zoo is also celebrating its 100th birthday, so theres tons of cool guest attractions dedicated to that. If you want more info on exhibits or tickets it can all be found in the button below. Walking around this awesome Zoo will take about 4 hours.

13. Tour of Downtown San Diego

13. Tour of downtown San Diego Want to see some awesome night time views of San Diego? You can take a boat out of La Jolla and tour the city from... you guessed it, the water! This will let you see the beautiful coastal views of Downtown San Diego. This is defiantly an experience for the books! If you want to buy your tickets click the button below, and hurry tickets go quick! This Will take about 2 hours.

14. Fireworks at Seaworld

14. Fireworks at SeaWorld With your last two hours of an exhausting day we recomend you sit on your hotel balcony watching the epic Sea-world fireworks. This is a perfect way to end a wonderful 36 hour get away and wrap it all up to an end.

See Ya Soon!!


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