The Evolution of Her By: justin motley

Michelle Johnson is a New Jersey native, Morgan State senior, sociology major, blogger and published author. She started TheEvolutionofHer following a depressive state that resulted from a dysfunctional relationship and teen pregnancy.

"Don't be afraid to grow where you were planted."

Michelle recently published her book Lessons From Flowers in which she candidly talks about her experience with pregnancy. The name originated from her personal growth. She sees her life coming into full bloom.

"I would've enjoyed life so much more if I just lived in the moment."

Michelle has no regrets from her past. If there is one thing she could tell her younger self it would be to focus on what's right in front of her.

"I am definitely working on another book. My plans are to continue building my brand. I want to tell communities that have been broken by things like drug abuse. I really want to open a food truck. I know that food is the way to people’s hearts and once you capture the hearts of people, the sky is the limit as far as making a change in the space. I want my business to be an open space for people from all walks of life. I want to be one of those people who no matter what they put their hands on, they make an impact. That’s what Michelle lives for."

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