Cupcake.H.T by:Tania garcia

Have you ever heard about battlebots ? I will be talking about our battle bot and how we designed it. My partner is Haylee, and we named our battle bot the Cupcake H.T. The purpose of this project was about learning about the design cycle process and writing it in a fun way. It was really cool to see how we did and how long it took to make this . Our bot was really strong because we were in the final. When we were fighting, Our bot was in second place and our bot was not even that good, and it did not move ,so it was kinda hard not to get hurt. Cupcake was the best because it was strong, eye catching and creative, and it was mobile.

Cupcake was the best because it was strong. It was strong because we were in the final and we did not know it would go that far. We had other bot fight us and we won against other bot and we did not know it could not be that strong. We thought our bot was not that strong but it was and i was happy to see it be that strong. Some people said your bot is not that strong but then after it saw that it was strong and it made it. I was really surprised that our bot was strong and that it made it to the finals. It was strong and people said your bot will not make it and it really did make it. Cupcake was the best because it was really powerful and it was really cool to people because the frosting looked like poop so people would say and keep on looking at our bot.

Cupcake was the best because it was eye catching and creative. Are bot was creative because are looked fun and it was a cool and funny bots to looks at it looked like poop. It was cool to see people look at our bot and think it is funny how people think that it looks like poop. It is cool that are bot can move. I think we were creative because people just used cars that can move but we did not. I think it was cool of us to do a cupcake cause now one has done that before so that cool. I think it is good that we made it move cause it was easy.I think little kids will laugh cause that what they will think of which was cool that we did that. I thought that out bot will not be funny but it did and it was creative on how we made our bot and how it turned out.

Cupcake was the best because it was mobile. Our bot could not move we had to push it so it would go. We had to push it because we did not want to be like the other and you cars for oure to move we wanted to be creative. It did take a long time because we had to go back and get it and then push back. I was fun to push because we had more power then the car so that was good. You had to be careful when you had to push your bot because you might get hurt from other bot.It would been faster if we used one but it was still good to push it. I did get hurt while pushing it because other bot had really good weapons. I did like pushing because it had more speed and it had power because of you.

The Cupcake was the best because it was very powerful and breathtaking and it could move. It was very powerful because our bot was not that good. The cupe cake was breathtaking because it looked like poop. I thought that are bot was pretty good after all it did need more work but it was still good.It was good because it could move and most bot did not move at all. Our bot was the best because it got second place and we did not even do that could and we could push ours so that was cool to do that.

this is what are battle bot looked like and it was named the cupcake H.T

the is are battle but moving in slow motion

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