Scenes From a Road Trip Part 1: Between Halifax and Grand Falls

It takes a while to get to Halifax, Nova Scotia from Munich. However, there was no rush, and having returned from Shanghai recently, the longest leg from London to Toronto was a relative breeze. The plan was simple: Explore Halifax for a few days then jump in the car and make up a four day road trip. As long as we ended up at a family cottage in the middle of a lake in Ontario, we'd be fine...

Halifax itself was exactly how I expected it, and, all the more surprising because of that. There really are pastel painted house fronts everywhere, and the prevailing overcast weather did indeed light them very nicely.

All that colour and flat light lends itself to a great set of instagram ready colour and texture studies ;)

Halifax: relaxed.

An hour and half north of Halifax is the fantastic Cape Split Provicial Park, we decided to make an afternoon of it and hike out to the end of the cape. From some quick internet research the night before, the majority of images looked liked a nice forest walk. Based on some rough timing estimates, and the weather for the day, our woodland trek would be rewarded with sweeping, elevated views across The Bay of Fundy. It's funny how things work out sometimes...

One of the things I like about travel photography is you pretty much have to deal with the cards that you are dealt on any given day. From experience, this generally leads to a heavier-than-ideal camera bag, just-in-case a particular scenario presents itself.

Because you never know....

Every now and again though, those scenarios turn up.

The fog didn't budge all day. Under the trees, even the air was green!

So I was very glad to have packed my converted infrared body at the last minute.

And as for the view at the end of the trail? Probably not tourist brochure shots, but all the more atmospheric thanks to that cloud.

Further round The Bay of Fundy, (which has the highest tides on earth, don't-you-know) we stopped in at the tourist hotspot of The Hopewell Rocks. Luckily we got there at low tide so a quick wander around on the sea floor was impressive, if a bit busy in the middle of the day.

This place is definitely be worth a return visit or two. With tides of around 14 metres it's safe to say the views would be very different a few hours later.

One more stop by the (frankly bonkers) coastline for a lunch and photographic wander around the Alma breakwater was required, before we started to put in some road miles and begin our journey proper.

The tide really does go quite the way out there! And when it does, all the seaweed and algae settles gently on the rocks in beautiful patterns.

The first leg of our trip finished up in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. We arrived as the sun set, so any views of the eponymous falls were replaced by pub food, a mad dash for beers and a campfire at the tiniest of tiny campsites.

Not a bad start to a journey at all...
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