2017 Flamespys Liberty University Athletics

Liberty University honors athletes for their hard work through an awards banquet on Monday. This banquet, called the Flamespys, is a nice way to honor athletes and give them a break from their jerseys and everyday practice routine.

The Montview Student Union Alumni Ballroom was transformed into a safari themed venue for the athletes, while the Concert Hall was altered into a classy awards ceremony. In the ballroom, the students ate and socialized before heading over to the Concert Hall for the awards.

A total of 26 awards were presented at the Flamespys. The recipients ranged from athletes, trainers, coaches and academic staff.

Athletic Awards presented at the 2017 Flamespys:

• Male Rookie of the Year- Georgie Pacheco-Ortiz (Men’s Basketball)

• Freshman Rookie Athlete of the Year- Keyen Green (Women’s Basketball)

• Best Clutch Performance- A.C. Reid (Men’s Basketball)

• Best Upset- Evangeline Crist and Anna Dollar (Women’s Tennis)

• Most Outstanding Team- Women’s Soccer

• Breakthrough Athlete of the Year- Brianna McCaffrey (Women’s Lacrosse)

• Best Male Athlete of the Year- Tresor Mbuyu (Men’s Soccer)

2017 Award Winners

Each athlete was awarded a glass trophy, followed by an interview from Liberty Flames Sports Network reporter Nick Pierce.

The Flamespy award show was hosted by volleyball player, Anna Willey and baseball player, Josh Barrick. This was the first year that the Flamespys have been hosted by fellow student athletes. Willey and Barrick added humor to the Flamespys by riding in on scooters and presenting a video of various coaches dancing.

To conclude the show, the athletes gathered outside the Concert Hall to congratulate the winners of the awards and to celebrate their successful seasons coming to an end.

Many students have stated they will be coming back to the seventh annual Flamespys next year and are looking forward to it.

A recap of the 2017 Flamespys was constructed to honor the awards given and display pictures and videos taken throughout the night.

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Broadcast News Story Script

The sixth annual Flamespys were hosted on Monday at Liberty University. All division one sports teams were invited to this event.

The Flamespys consists of a reception and an awards ceremony. The Montview Ballroom was transformed that night into a jungle themed setting.

After the reception, the students headed over to the Concert Hall for the awards.

This year, the Flamespys were hosted by two fellow athletes. Twenty-six awards were presented to athletes, trainers, coaches and academic advisors.

Many athletes have stated they are looking forward to next year’s Flamespys.

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