The color of people By Aziiah Coles

Color of people is my topic. people of the black race are still being pushed around for color.I don’t like this and Donald trump our so called president is trying to send black and white people back to Mexico and Africa. Ice is in Austin.

Black people had a hard life 50 years ago.They could not use the same bathroom as white people.They couldn’t drink water.They couldn’t even use the same pool as white people.Life was hard back then.

50 years from now my group will not get treated like poor people.50 years from now Donald trump will not be group will have better rights than now.homeless people will have a place to stay.Maybe I will be president.If i become president everybody will have equal sending people back.Save Lives in the future.

Mlk and Rosa Park. Mlk: I have a dream that people will be treated the same.Rosa parks said no this is the only seat left on the bus and i took it and i will not give it up for a white man.

When i'm 18 i will protest for equal rights in this trump.I'm going to take the whole country with me to support other people.I will full on support all races in this country.


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