Edmund Randalph Ian Chung PARK

The item I selected is called a trivet and it was created by the British . The purpose of the trivet is to tell you which direction you are going on a ship. There are eight holes for pegs to go into for every direction. The first thirty minutes you put the first peg at the first hole any where at any direction, same for the second, third, and so on til the eight hole and your shift is over. Also you take notes on which direction you are going per 30 minutes. At the bottom of the trivet it tells you how fast the ship is going.
The exhibit I chose was a Native American house and this is where the native Americans sleep, eat, store clothing, and food. The Native Americans liked the smoke to be around because it kept out bugs and pests. Also the children sleep on a rug on the floor so the smoke doesn't effect them, while the grown ups sleep on the bed where the smoke can affect them. The house has a little chimney to let the smoke out, has a tool that can hold food like fish, furs for clothing and blankets, and weapons to defend them selves from any threats.
Tip of a Native American Bow
Basket of pine cons
I Edmund Randolph would meet George Wythe and visit his grand house because he is a gentry, he is very rich, and he is a fine gentlemen. Also his house is big so I could explore his house and get to know him better.
This is the Wythe's dining room and this is where they eat. As you can see there are fancy plates and nice table cloth which tells us that they are rich. There is a table to the right which has two wooden items on it and and a black plate in between. There are some pictures that are framed and have color. There is a huge map above the fire place which maps out the thirteen colonies. My favorite thing in the house would be the map because it is huge and I can visualize the colonies perfectly.
Mrs. Wythe's Bedroom
My favorite shop is the silver smith and the things I noticed was the occurring smell of metal, seeing metal, and touching metal. The silver that you can buy are bowls, spoons, cups, jugs, forks, knives, and a lot of things that you may posses. I would buy expensive items there because there are fancy and cost a lot of money. The reason I would buy expensive things in the silver smith would be to show what class I am in and to show the people that I am rich. I would order the item by asking my slave or indentured servant to go order my item and give it to me.
Silver smiths bowls
Silversmiths tools and items

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