Project "Terra" The new earth

The System

The Kepler-62 system planet order
Terra is an exoplanet formerly known as Kepler - 62f, a planet that resides within the five-planet Kepler-62 system. Kepler - 62f is one of the two planets in this solar system that has the possibility to become humanity's next home.

The World

Terra is a water world, despite the planet being much larger than Earth, the planet itself does not have as much solid ground as Earth.
Due to the Planet's increased mass, the planet itself has a stronger gravitational force compared to Earth's gravity.



Terra also has great skydiving exercises that are much better than Earth's for you thrill-seekers out there, as you fall about 13 times faster than Earth's - about 13 times more! That's 13 times more fun than skydiving on Earth!

Unlike most of the other exoplanets making their pitch, Terra has water! You can use the water on this planet to nourish yourself and have a nice hot shower! The abundant supply of water on Terra can be used as a perfect natural resource to power turbines to generate clean electricity of the future!

Why is it called Terra?

The reason we called this planet 'Terra' is because we wanted to show you the endless possibilities this planet can provide.

The word 'Terra' is another word for 'Earth' in Latin. We realize this is a water world, however the reason we called this planet 'Terra' is because we wanted to present to you that we have found humanity's next home and regardless where we live, Earth will always be our home and in our heritage.


It will take approximately 1,200 light-years get to Terra, but we believe that your arrival to Terra is not a step backward in humanity's history instead a leap forward into the future. We all know Earth will be gone someday, and Terra will become our next home, a step forward in our human history. By making this voyage, you are making the choice to allow humanity to move across the stars and advance in the universe, to infinity and beyond...

"The future is within your reach..."
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