Word study for ramification by ashley schlater, English 2 period 6, 2 april 2017



A complicated situation that just lead to worst things.

To "ramify" is the act of branching out. Meaning one thing lead to another.
At the time, I was not aware of the ramifications of my actions.



Synonyms and antonyms

Complication, offshoot, result.

Juncture, union.


Word analysis

Ramify came into the English through French

The Latin word 'ramus' means to branch. "The process of branching out"

Word etymology

1670's "a branching out," from French ramification, ramifier. Transferred sense of "Outgrowth, consequence." First recorded 1755. Related: Ramifications.

Related words

Consequence, subdivision

"I wasn't aware of the ramifications of the drought until I saw for myself the bark beetle issues."

The end


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