Who do I want to work for?

I would like to work for a company that makes entertainment - someone that makes online content. For example, I would want to work for a company such as Rooster Teeth Productions since they produce a ton of content to upload online for millions to view everyday from multiple locations in the United States now. Their HQ is located in Austin, Texas while some of their other locations are in Los Angeles and Littleton, Colorado. But in general, I want to work for a company that creates content/entertainment to put online for others to view and enjoy.

What is the company I work for?

The specific company at the moment that I would be honored to work at would be, like I wrote before, Rooster Teeth Productions since they seem like an incredible company to work for that do a lot of things (tasks/assignments) that I would be greatly interested in doing for them. I have also been watching all of their content for many, many years now and I would have a blast in participating in the production of that content.

What is my job title?

Specifically, my job title would be an editor (video editor/photo editor). They do have internships, so I would most likely start off with one of them, then get a full time job as an editor for one of the sub companies in Rooster Teeth. They also almost always have positions like “production assistant or manager” and things like that open that I could/would possibly do for them.

What is the job description?

For example, the job description for being a video editor would be to have some experience with video and photo editing programs such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop and have at least a desire to further improve those skills - which I am absolutely open to. The responsibilities are to complete assignments in a timely manner and prepare content for final release, manage organization of projects, media and assets throughout the editorial process, execute changes to your edits based off notes from producers, clients and/or management, and communicate effectively and respectfully.

What is the salary?

For Rooster Teeth Productions, the average Base Salary is $82.2K per year, ranging from $63.1K to $102K. (According to

What are the requirements to get this job?

The requirements are Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop proficiency, a strong sense of storytelling and comedic timing, a desire to further improve skills and techniques, strong attention to detail and organizational skills and specific editing workflows, knowledge of hardware and software required for video and audio format conversion and compression, must have an understanding of video file formats, video analysis and metadata, work well within a small team, strong will and self-motivation to complete tasks on time, understanding of YouTube and internet content needed, love of video games is helpful, ability to take on projects on his/her own.

What is my degree/background to make this job a reality?

My degree wouldn’t really matter much, but I guess it would help differentiate me somewhat between me and others, so I would say just a Master’s or Bachelor's degree. And then for my background, I would need more experience using editing programs such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop and use them in many forms, creating some good samples to show my skills with the programs. Specifically for Rooster Teeth, I would practice with those programs by editing both the footage of some actual real life stuff and some gameplay from a video game - then a mix of both (such as a webcam integrated with the gameplay or just a hard cut from both real life and gameplay) since this is what Rooster Teeth does all of the time. I have already done research on how they produce/edit their content, but I just don’t have those tools that they use at home to practice. I already know the steps they take to make a “Let’s Play” in a video game for example, since they have already touched on/showed how they do these before (but these methods could be outdated by now).

Where am I working?

Personally, I would rather work at Funhaus (a sub company of Rooster Teeth) located in Los Angeles, California, because I enjoy how they do their content all of the time and I think I would have the best time there - they seem to always have a great time, but also work extremely hard every second on producing their content.

Where did I learn the necessary skills?

I think I will learn the necessary skills (video and photo editing through Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop) through my last years in High School (hopefully), a little bit at my house (if I can get the tools I need somehow to fulfill my needs), and college, if I end up going to a college to learn more on these skills and further my experience with them. I am very interested in pursuing these skills further advancing since I have a ton of fun just messing around in little programs such as and just Movie Maker. Hopefully I will get more time with those necessary programs soon. If not, I will still most likely try to learn.

When does the company hire?

The company is hiring all the time from what I see online in their “careers” section on their website. They seem to always have internships open at Funhaus in Los Angeles and “video editor” positions in most of their locations. So generally, they hire all of the time - there’s always a chance to get a job or internship there.

Where did I gather the necessary skills to get this job?

Like I have written before, I will gather the necessary skills to get this job either in High School (in classes about video editing using Adobe Premiere and photo editing in Adobe Photoshop), a little at home (if I can get those programs somehow for personal use and practice), or in college to further my skills in editing to help me stand out when applying for a job, but I have a feeling that a lot of people have been applying because of the amount of new people the company has been receiving.

Why does this career interest me?

This career of video editing interests me because I, myself, have been watching this company’s content for years and it seems like a ton of fun to work there and edit for them. I have always been into making videos and making videos at a high production value/tier would be awesome to do for me because I just genuinely enjoy doing that kind of stuff. And I also know a lot of the people that work there through learning about the company and just watching them over the years and seeing how the production is done. It just seems like a ton of fun and I enjoy doing that stuff - editing.

Why am I the obvious choice?

I think I am the obvious choice (or will be the obvious choice) because I will show that I have a great passion for this stuff and I will have a ton of experience with editing. Also I am a funny person and they are always looking for funny people that can also edit and have knowledge in the video game industry and I fulfill all of those things. All I need to do is just further advance my skills with editing in both Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop by going to college or just learning on my own and through classes and the internet.

How does one get a job in this industry (process)?

The process to get a job in this industry would be either to give them your resume in person or to just apply easily online and wait for a response. You would need to live near the place you’re applying to (for example, if I was to apply for an internship or positive at Funhaus, a Rooster Teeth sub company, I would have to live either in or near Los Angeles) and you would also have to at least write to them as well why you are the obvious choice - tell them that you have extensive time editing using their programs that they use and that you are pretty funny and have quite some knowledge in the video game industry. Also tell them that you can work great with a team and do assignment/editing tasks by yourself without much help besides some “checking” from someone like Bruce Greene who is the one to usually check on the “edits”. As you can see, I know quite a bit about each little sub company within Rooster Teeth, such as Funhaus.

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