The 4th Annual Running with the Wolves event on Tuesday was a great experience for our Wolf Pack. Each student had an opportunity to strive for their personal best. I was so proud of all Wolves for their participation. There were so many great Wass Wolves' Way moments to the day! Here are few that stood out throughout the event.

ENCOURAGEMENT - There was one specific place on the race route that truly exemplified the feeling of encouragement. The corner of the track near the fourth and fifth playground was lined with students shouting out encouraging words, giving high fives, and cheering on the entire Wolf Pack. The images below capture this feeling.

TEAMWORK - Many of our upper elementary students completed their heat and then turned around and ran with a younger sibling, neighbor, family friend, or buddy from a younger classroom. One student even ran with a younger member of his Wolf Pack because he felt like he would perform better with a teammate.

FAMILY - We had many family members come out to support their children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces. Wass students certainly felt supported and loved throughout the run as family lined the sides of the race route. For those family members that were able to run with their child, thank you! You added an element to our event that only family can provide.

JOY - Students showed their genuine excitement for each other's success. This was observed throughout the run, at the finish line, and during our awards ceremony. The sounds in the gymnasium as we called off student names for finishing in the top of their class or winning a grand prize was contagious. Many parents and teachers were in awe of our students exuding happiness or joy for others' success.

PERSEVERANCE - Each student started and finished a one mile run with a goal in mind to accomplish their personal best. They have created goals with Mr. Cavataio and the students strived to achieve them. Throughout the run, students overcame fatigue and the temptation to stop running. I'm proud of the resilience that our students displayed.

I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this year's event.

  • Kristine Snider - Took pictures of our event that are in today's Wolf's Howl.
  • Julie Zurawka - Solicited all of our fruit donations for students at the end of the run.
  • Lowes - Donated all of the drinking water.
  • Shannon Merkel & Liz Pugh - Collected money and counted donations to enter students into the grand prize drawings.
  • Steve & Beth Zaccardelli - Donated sports memorabilia as grand prizes.
  • Lisa Leitheiser - Donated 6 Garmin Vivofit activity trackers as grand prizes.
  • Ayesha Potts - Coordinated, organized, and planned the entire event as the chairperson.
  • Mr. Cavataio - Coached, motivated, and challenged our students to do their personal best through physical fitness.


It was great to see all of the Wass students’ artwork at the TSD Art Show on Monday night at the Troy Community Center. Mrs. Clos continues to do an amazing job of teaching our students in art instruction. It was evidenced by the artwork on display at the TSD Art Show.


16 of our Wass Wolves participated in an invitational tournament as a prep for the final Science Olympiad competition. It was a long, but worthwhile day and our kids rocked. Wass ranked 8th place among the 80 teams who participated from Wayne and Oakland counties in the event on Saturday.

a stork announcement

Mrs. Skinner shared some news with her 22 students this week that a baby is on the way in the fall. She gave each student a ring pop as a part of her announcement. Congratulations to Mrs. Skinner on the announcement of this news!


Happy Mother's Day to all of our Wass moms!

Matt Jansen - Principal - Wass Elementary

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