Shakespearean insults By: matthew sozzi

Danielle, you are an artless elf skinned flap dragon
Just kidding Danielle, you are a jovial, nose herbed, nicety.
Caity, you are a gleeking, flap-mouthed, harpy
Haha, actually, caity you are a meeky, love springing, wafer-cake
Cody, you are a frothy, dead bolted, lout.
Truly, you are a Bonny choice drawn chuck
Aidan, you are a currish, dizzyeyed, coxcomb.
Actually, you are a Silkened sweet seasoned ringlet
Karson, you are a ponchy, I'll-nurtured, dewberry.
Just playing, you are a sovereign, alms deed, nymph.


Created with images by D-Stanley - "Shakespeare`s Globe Theatre"

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