The Impact Friends Had On Fashion Morgan zimmermann

Debra McGuire, the main fashion designer from 1994 to 2004 She has also worked on Superbad and Ted; and has been nominated for 11 Emmy's.

Julie Heath, 1997-2004 - Nancy Gould, 1997-2004, Diane Crooke, 72 episodes, 1994-1997, Marie Schley, 2001-2004, Maria Grieco, 1994-1996, Mary Lou Reinbold, 1995-1997, Winifred Kennamer, 1999-2000, Cynthia Freund, 1999-2000

Rachel Green's style

Rachel's hairstyle became extremely popular and everyone started to cut their hair like hers, even though she didn't even like it.

Phoebe's style
Monica's style
All of the men wore a lot of button ups on the show
Layering, denim, and plaid were big in the real world with women.
Jeans in this style were popular and men's clothes like these were popular.

I honestly think that the fashion was really accurate and the designers a really good job of making sure it matched to the time period and the characters personality's. It also helped influence street fashion a lot because the characters were so big and everyone seemed to look up to them as fashion icons; especially Rachel's fashion is even still looked up to by women today.

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