Inject Creativity Live Wednesday 11th August 2021

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On tonight's episode...

Michelle Dennis and Chris Betcher share their thoughts...

And we check out the latest collaboration with Adobe and artist Billie Eilish:


Michelle Dennis

Head of Digital at Haileybury College

How to take a 3D shape from other software (like TinkerCAD) and pull it into Adobe Aero

Pro Tip: Get a physical external mouse if you are on a laptop - it makes it so much easier!

Michelle showed us how to save a design to her computer, and how easy it was to drag and drop it into Adobe Aero desktop.

Michelle even dropped in a pre-made table from the Aero library into the space in Aero so you can see her perfume bottle created to scale.

To check out what Michelle shared during the show, go here:


and now... our Thought Leader!

Chris Betcher

Program Manager with Google for Education

Chris spoke about the Lessons for Living about the value of being unafraid of being wrong and trying over and over again to create something wonderful.

Beating a creating path

He opened with an example of the famous Beatles album cover, showing that such an iconic image was the product of multiple attempts (remember - this is back in the days before instant-viewing - the photographer had to send these to get developed, cool their heels and hope!).

Shaping creativity

Chris then shared with us an anecdote about a class of student potters - one class was tasked to create a single, perfect pot, and one class tasked to create as MANY pots as they liked with abandon!

Chris shared with us some lessons for living based on these anecdotes:

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