Stupefacente PHOTOGRAPHY by Dillon

"Rise and Shine" January 2017

"Splash" January 2017

"Day for Clay" January 2017

"Deep in Right Field" January 2017

"The Heavens Above" January 2017

First Pieces

At the beginning of this class, my photography changed very drastically. After learning the proper photography rules and photo taking methods, the quality of my photography increased.

"Crisp Mornings" January 2017

Edited with VSCO

"Amore Solitario" February 2017

Edited with Snapseed

"Bloom in the Dark" February 2017

Edited with Snapseed

"Captured" March 2017

Edited with Snapseed

Edited Pieces
Original - Unedited Pictures

The featured piece "Amore Solitario", in the original, was dull and didn't look crisp. It had a very haphazard look and was slightly disheveled. When edited the colors were popped and the overall photo looked more smooth and pleasing to the eye.

"Meir Reflection" March 2017

This photograph was inspired by street photographer Vivian Maier. Vivian Dorothy Maier was an American street photographer. Maier worked for about forty years as a nanny, mostly in Chicago's North Shore, pursuing photography during her spare time.

Inspiration Piece

"Ultra Light Beam" February 2017

"Emerged" February 2017

"Triple Pines" February 2017

Black and White Pieces

"Warm Blooded" February 2017

"Soulful Ripples" February 2017

"Be One" January 20127

Still Pieces

"Confusion" April 2017

This picture of Kermit the Frog is one of my favorite people photographs. The way that he's positioned and how his bodys adds to the mood of the photograph makes this picture powerful. Also, the addition of the black and white contrast ties the entire photo together. Adding to the mood.

"Insane" January 2017

"Why" January 2017

"When" January 2017

"Love Spool" January 2017

Creative Pieces

While taking this class, my creativity and ability to come up with creative pieces have increased. This class has really brought me to really think and put a lot of thought and planning into my work.

"A sign from above" January 2017

"Colors of Sunset" May 2017

"Why" January 2017

Favorite pieces

I could never come to have one favorite picture. So I've chosen three pieces that I feel I'm most proud of. The first piece "Colors of Sunset" is a photo that honestly, I didn't think much of. I was outside and it was around the time of sunset. I believe I was look for things to photograph for a project that was due the next day. I saw that it was about sundown so took a quick shot of the sky and went back inside and submitted the assignment. After submitting, I went back and looked at the picture. Looking at it the second time really caught my eye. The photo had very good use of contrast and patterning from the leaves of the trees. On top of that, the pinks, oranges, and yellows of the sunset really popped with the dark contrast of the branches. The next piece "A sign from above" is an amazing piece of photography. The colors pasted onto the pews are rays of light shining through stained glass from the chapel windows. Being able to capture this picture was very lucky. In fact, it may have been a sign from above. The final piece "Why" I'm very proud of. A lot of thought was put into this piece and the results were rewarding. The scrap numbering and writing, along with the word "why" spelt out on the paper, really gave this image a mood of confusion and questioning. "Why" is a very powerful piece that tells a story with having only minimal detail of context.

Miscellaneous Pieces
"The End"
Goodbye, Farewell, So long.
Created By
Dillon D'Andrea

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