Student Consultations Ayurveda Wellness and Support

Narayana Ayurveda and Yoga Academy's complimentary Ayurveda consultations are done both online and in person, on specific internship days by students. Due to current situation, temporarily its being done online.

1. A potential client may sign up and they may be seen by an Ayurveda Practitioner who is the teacher, with a student observing passively. (online or in person)

2. It may be done by an student, under the direct observation of their teacher. (online or in person)

3. Or, a counselor student(s) buddied up with an Ayurvedic Practitioner student taking the lead. A teacher may be present at this time as well. (in person)

An in person internship in Austin, Texas in 2019

Our Complimentary Consultations are supervised by faculty and/or advanced practitioner students.

Pre-consultation- Student can call you up beforehand to make sure you have filled out all the forms.

Consultation- Initial consultations can take from 30 -45 min.

Post consultation- Follow up can be scheduled via zoom or phone.

Consultations include determining natural constitution and current Vikrti or imbalance.

Our students may suggest Āyurvedic pathya (do's) and apathya(donts), suggest lifestyle and diet interventions that include dosa pacifiying diet plans, daily and seasonal routines, yoga or meditation.

We also offer Complimentary Ayurvedic Community Wellness Weekends (internship) throughout the year in Austin at St Edwards University, or yoga studios. Please keep on checking this page for dates. The clients get the benefit of a very affordable consultation, may also receive free bulk Ayurveda herb samples for 3 days* (While quantities last).

These appointments happen ONLY on pre-set days like last monday of the month, or, internship days. They cannot be scheduled on any other day.

How does it work?

1. Sign up via the eventbrite, or, online sign-up form created for the appointment day. If there are more sign ups than student interns, clients are put on a waiting list.

2. We send our clients the forms in a PDF format. You can print them, fill it out and post it to us. It should reach us 24 hours before the appointment.

3.To fill them digitally, you may need a PDF reader like Adobe acrobat etc. We need to receive the ALL the forms.

HIPAA forms and medical release--and other forms that allow us to share your health information with our students. You have the right to revoke this in writing at anytime.

Disclaimer(s) of liability

Ayurveda wellness Intake forms

Follow ups may be done via phone.

Rescheduling: If you want to reschedule for the same day, or cancel, it can be done 24 hours notice via email.

Once you miss the appointment or are a no show for your appointment, there is no rescheduling. you have to fill the forms and take a new appointment for the next "internship" day.

Online consultations are recorded for viewing and sharing with students later. All forms, questionnaires, and, Information release and disclaimers must be signed and provided at least 24 hours prior to appointment, otherwise the appointment will be cancelled.

Discliamer: Ayurveda and its Practitioners are not allowed to prevent, treat or cure any disease. All information given in these consultations is for informational purpose only. Please contact your Physician for any disease or health problem



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