Hi, I'm the Junior Youth Minister of Sustainability in Canada. My job is to report my problems and solutions to Prime Minister Trudeau. This will highlight all my problems and solutions. They will fall into four main categories: they are Canada's aging population; Canada's physical geography ; Canada's resources and Canada's liveable communities.

One problem is Immigration and Urban Sprawl. With rising numbers of immigrants coming to three major cities (Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal). My solution to this problem is to make a change to the immigration system . This change will involve only people with a special skill trade moving to the areas that need them only. Doctors to underserviced areas outside of the city specifically and trades people to areas where they ae needed only. Encouraging them to cities in other provinces like the prairies or down east. For people without skill trades not to worry. In the countries where the immigrants come from, there will be schools for them to learn. Only a certain number will be selected . This makes Canada better by implementing this because it helps urban sprawl where it happens most and gives people a quality education where they live for less money at North American standards. The price for this will be $10 billion and it will take 20 years to implement.

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solution 3

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