Greek Mythology by: andrew Spillman

Apollo is the god of the sun, music, healing and prophecy. He almost died at his birth. Apollo has a sister called Artemis they would go hunting every once in a while.

Apollo plays the lyre it sounds so beautiful when he plays it. One time Apollo played for the gods and goddess for one intire day. Apollo wasn't in love with a girl in a while until he was hit by a golden arrow that made him fall in love with every girl that he saw.

People go to Apollo for advice. Apollo gave a oracle to speech on his behalf. Apollo is a kind man. Some say he is the kindest I just say that he's kind.

Some allusions are the golden touch, the Trojan horse, Achilles' heel and Herculean tasks. Some Greek gods and goddess are Hades, Hera, Zeus and Athena. Hera queen of all gods. Hades god of the under world. Zeus father of Hercules.

Some of the Greek gods and goddess might have a lot of different ways of being their shelf. Hera and Odysseus are both arrogant. Hades is rude. Hercules is super strong. Athena is jealous. They all lived on mount Olympus besides for Hades.

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