Gun Control In America by: pareahn brumfield

I think that america should have better choices when they are selling guns to people. They should kind of interrogate the customer about their purchase on specific guns. They should observe the customer. See how their speech is like and how they act when they handle the gun(S).

I think that they should observe and ask questions, but sometimes you should do background checks cause most of the time people purchase guns they want to just have one to use for fun and or to use for sport. Some people collect and customize their guns just to showcase their masterpiece. They trade and sell guns because of the styles and functions of the guns.They’re so many conventions and competitions for guns. It’s just a great hobby people have for guns, why take that away.

AR-15 (Blue Skeletonized Custom)

Another reason why guns control should have some changes is because most people, especially women, own a gun in their home because they don’t feel safe without one. Most women are too small or weak to stop the average male robber. In 2010, there was an estimated 367,832 robberies nationwide. That sparks a feeling in people to get guns mostly families. Sometimes people don't trust that in a dire situations the community police won’t be there around in time to save them. The people main priority is to protect themselves and families from any harm. If they need to they will shoot or kill someone.

You could argue that guns sales increase the chances of a crime or mass shooting but that is wrong because not everyone in America clearly wouldn’t just get the feeling to get up and grab their gun and go shoot up a school or a crowd of people. The salesman will never truly know what the buyers are going to do with a illegal or legal gun they are just going to have to hope and pray that they would use the gun responsibly. They should have there guns locked up and kept away from children who do or don't know how to use the gun.

In conclusion I think that they should make gun purchases harder. Because you got to see the fun of guns and the joy of the people when they use guns. People knows their limit with guns. They’re responsible so why try to take something that the people love? To be honest if the government didn’t like guns then why are there in stores or why are do the people have access to a gun? America you're slippin.

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