Research into Donald Trump's online presence Nathan Francis

Donald Trump Online presence/perceptions research

2015 Online Presence- Tweets

Post Campaign Tweets

Tweets posted during the campaign

During the presidency

Video taken in 2005 post campaign

CRAAP Testing

Two sources will be CRAAP tested. CRAAP testing evaluates a source based upon 5 sections. Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. Each of these sections are scored out of a possible 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. These values are then summed and fall into 5 categories.

The first source to be CRAAP tested is Trumps personal Twitter account. In terms of currency, the twitter account is bang up-to date and the tweet can be as current as required. The information cannot be revised or edited once posted only deleted, this adds to the sources currency. (9)

The information is extremely relevant as posted by trump himself. The intended audience are his followers and anyone who's really prepared to read his tweets. This source would be welcomed into any paper or document produced by myself. First hand sources are difficult to find. This adds strength to the relevance. (10)

The author is Trump himself, this is extremely relevant when you consider that the research is into Trumps online presence. The author isn't very qualified to talk on the topic, as he is merely giving his personal opinion, and not consulting both sides of the argument. (8)

The information cant get more accurate. Trumps personal twitter account with tweets that cannot be edited are excellent in terms of the sources accuracy. (9)

The point of view put forward by trump is very controversial and the tweets are riddled with personal biases. The information isn't always based upon fact and often isn't clear. (5)

The source sums 41, which deems it to be a good source hence why it has been used throughout my work.

Evaluation of tools and technologies used within the controlled task

The tools and technologies that have been used are on web based. Web based software provides an alternative appearance when compared to the generic office packages. In this instance word was used as pose to adobe spark to generate a research bank. Although adobe spark is physically appealing it can be difficult to accumulate large bodies of texts and photos. Photos can’t be copied and pasted in they need to be saved which makes things difficult. The bonus however is that work can be saved online eliminating the need for a USB or hard drive. Although it can cause problems when the internet is down. So for this research section I chose to use word. . Another option that could have been used was office sway. My personal lack of experience using this online software was a deterrent in itself.

When it came down to choosing what software type to use to make the presentation, there were many software types available to me. PowerPoint, Emaze and Prezzi are all excellent online software packages to use. Prezzi is extremely time consuming and difficult to use, this was eliminated from the options immediately. PowerPoint was overruled by Emaze due to the face Emaze can generate far superior and engaging presentations. Emaze presentations can be constructed by using the pre-prepared themes.

Finally the hardware that as used to complete the controlled task. The options available to me were smartphone, laptop and desktop PC. The smartphone was instantly eliminated due to its small screen. To be typing this information into a small smartphone for 5 hours would be difficult. The two options left were laptop and PC, the desktop PC was chosen. The mouse and keyboard interface provided by the desktop PC are second to none. The laptop however isn't ideal for a 5 hour working period. The mouse pad is extremely difficult to use on the laptop, especially when editing images, cropping and copying images, hence why the desktop PC with hardwired mouse was chosen.

The technique used when carrying out the task was google. Google was used as a search engine in order to harvest information ad a pose to Bing. Bing wasn’t used due to the fact um not that familiar with it and am unsure of how to carry out a refined search. I am familiar with google and can conduct advanced and refined searches. These are things I am unable to do with sites like Bing and Yahoo.

I feel that the team worked well upon evaluation. I think that everyone involved contributed to the task in hand and that the team worked well. I feel like every member made viable suggestions and that nobody could have improved upon their level of input. The input put forward was excellent. Nobody dominated the chat on today’s meet which is always a good sign. I feel like the chat was set up quickly by the administrator and that it helped me conduct my research.

One other synchronous method that could be used is padlett. Another asynchronous method could be text message or snapchat. Just for a one on one conversation.

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