Leone academy high school "To prepare the students for successes in life, soaring to excellence , and to be learning today for a better tomorrow "


Leone's high school purpose is to have a peaceful and thoughtful community in order for everyone to feel safe.While assisting us to prepare for the future, making our way to great successes in life, so that we can be better than we were yesterday.


  1. Offers two different weight rooms, in order that no one would feel insecure.
  2. The cafeteria will have more healthier options to choose from.
  3. There will be a specific library designated ONLY to students dealing with school related things, with teacher supervision.
  4. Mini food kiosk will also be available inside of the school.
  5. Classroom layout will be full of pillows and couches. “A considerable body of research about environmental design shows the positive effect comfort can have on learning, human productivity and creativity.”"


  • Teachers are responsible for alot of things, but the most important role of being a teacher would be to attend and to show effort in class every single day.
  • The teachers will not be involved in any type of extra-curricular activities, the school will hire someone who is qualified to teach in any form of activities.
  • Teachers, should ALWAYS have a positive attitude on EVERY subject they are teaching, and be willing to teach.
  • Teacher's must always be patient to students, and show EFFORT in their way of teaching.

code of conduct

  1. . It is the student’s responsibilities to attend school regularly except with certain excuses.
  2. Come to class prepared with every supplies they would need in order to follow along with the class.
  3. Students must have their phone tucked away and on silent during the class
  4. It is everyones responsibility especially for the students to keep the school clean and organized.
  5. We expect for everyone in the school to be wearing an appropriate, and respectful attire.
  6. It is everyone’s priority to respect each other and treat others the way they want to be treated.
  7. It’s the student’s responsibility to stay on task while on the computers, and not to plagiarize.
  8. Use appropriate language at all times.
  9. Personal responsibility. Stay focused in class, and stay away from and form of distractions.
  10. It is everyone’s responsibility especially for the students to report any form of bullying they have witnessed to the office, or a teacher they would feel comfortable reporting to.


  • Psychology & counselling
  • Life trans
  • English
  • Nurse/health care practice
  • Mathematics/statistics

Feeling/mood of the school

When a new student walks into this school, they feel a sense of belonging and will feel fearless but bravery. They will be able to freely communicate with everyone. And to feel safe and secure and have nothing to worry about while focusing on their education and grasp the real meaning of learning.

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