❤️Red Panda By Daisy And maddie

Red Pandas are suited to cold environments has they have thick and warm coats of of fur!!

A red pandas diet is unusual for a mammal as they eat mostly bamboo unless in warm weather. In warm weather they also eat insects and fruit.aswelll when they eat bamboo they only eat the youngest and most tender shoots plus the leaves!

Red pandas don't have to hunt for there food as they are already near it!
Red pandas are carnivores
Male red pandas are 3.7-6.2kg
And female red pandas are 3-6kg
If the climate was to change red pandas would have to shed a lot of there fur to suit and warm climate but they would have to fight if there was not enough bamboo as it is their main food source!
A red pandas life span is 14 years
By Maddie👧🏼and Daisy👩🏻
Created By
Daisy And Maddie

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