Canadian Agriculture

What Is Agriculture? Well agriculture is the farming for growing crops in major civilizations. Canadian Agriculture is the type of crops we produce, extract, and develop. Agriculture helps the Canadian Economy A Lot. Canadian Farmers Produce A lot of crops than you probably thought.

Here You Can See A Big Space Of Land Which Is Being Used For Agricultural Purposes And The Tractor Is Mowing The Crops.

Canadian Agriculture: Canada is actually the 5th largest food exporter in the world. Canada's most produced crops are Barley, Flax seed, Wheat, and Oats. Canada also has created about 80% of the maple syrup in this world today. Canada has 2.2 million agriculture industry employers. Canada is doing very well in the agriculture industry facing very minor problems they are succeeding day by day.

Extraction, Development, And Production: Canada Extracts their resources ( crops) after their development which happens after they are produced. The process of this happening is that first the crops must be farmed and produced in an agriculture industry of land. After this step the crops have grown. From there they start being developed. Their development causes the crops to be sorted, placed, and packaged. After this part of the process the final part id extracting the food to a different countries. Two Good Partners Canada Extracts Crops to are America And The United Kingdom (UK).

Sustainability: The sustainability of this industry is fairly well due to the fact of minor problems this industry faces. The industry could expand their extraction routes to new areas of the world. But other than that this industry is stable.


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