Kingdom of the Golden Dragon By: Angi, Kaedyn, Will, Tyler and Trenis

Table of Contents


A Lesson Learned by Angi Shirey

Restricted Freedom by Kaedyn Keiser

Nirvana by Will Van Dyke

Morning by Will Van Dyke

Peace by Will Van Dyke

Finesse by Will Van Dyke

Nepal Social Structure by Tyler Ellis

Crime by Trenis Brown

Drugs by Trenis Brown



How do you feel about your culture? What about your family relationship? Think about how other people answer these questions. The topic of our magazine is Nepal. Nepal is where the novel, “Kingdom Of The Golden Dragon” by Isabel Allende takes place. Nepal is a place where 25% of women are enrolled in school because most have to work for their family's. A famous religion in Nepal is Buddhism. The men and few women who live their lives around Buddhism are called monks. You must be 18 to be a monk, and there are 10 virtues of monks.

The purpose of our magazine is to inform and explain the idea of Nepal’s single stories and cultures. The Hero’s Journey Story tells the story of a Buddhist monk and shows what it's like to be a Buddhist. The art piece shows the oppression of women in Nepal. The documentary shows the different social structures of Nepal. And lastly, the poems show both the perspective of Buddhism and crime in Nepal.

A Lesson Learned

By: Angelina Shirey

He ran his master's words through his mind over and over again. It is time for you to face civilization on your own. You must nurture the virtues I have taught you. He couldn't believe these words. This small and scrawny 15 year old to be left on his own in a place he's never been to. What could I learn from this? he thought. From a young age, Bankei was raised in the mountaintops on Nepal to become a monk. He trained and was taught lessons by his master. It was a fairly peaceful life, as he had never had to leave. His master never took him with him when he went on trips. But now, he had to leave his master behind. So, the next day he dressed and left for the village of Koshi. He was extremely reluctant, but his master assured him that he only needed to find peace within, and he would be fine. As he started down the mountain, he realized just how pretty the sky looked, and immediately relaxed. He slowly made his way down, taking in the scenery. After three hours of walking, he realized that he was lost. The sun was begin to set and panic arose in Bankei's mind. What if I am lost here forever? What if I am attacked by an animal? I don't have any belongings with me besides the clothing on my back. I am so far from my master and my home. What am I supposed to do? he thought nervously. He began to run, frantic, trying to find some sort of landmark that he would recognize. But, there were none. Then, he remembered his master's lesson. Master taught me to keep good thoughts, for if I kept good thoughts, I would not suffer any harm, he realized. He relaxed and took deep breaths, pushing the bad thoughts out. Once his mind was cleared, he turned around and began taking careful steps in the opposite direction. Soon enough, he saw the lights of a bustling city below him. That must be Koshi, he thought. He continued his trek down the mountain until he made it to the village. As soon as he got onto the main road, he was surrounded by people on all sides. He couldn't tell which direction he came from, or which direction he needed to go. Just when he decided which path he wanted to go down, he felt a deep rumble in his stomach. He ignored it, and continued down the pathway. The sun had set by now and it started to get cold. Maybe I should lay down somewhere to sleep for the evening, Bankei decided. He looked around, trying to find a decent spot to sleep for the night. He spotted an alley, lit by a nearby food vendor, and headed down it. It was only slightly lit, the rest cold and dark. He found a spot in the corner, and laid down for the night. As he was laying there, he could smell the food coming from the food vendor. His stomach rumbled again, painfully. I wish I had brought food with me, now I am starving with no food or money, he thought regretfully. He decided to settle down for the night anyway, rolling over and falling asleep to the rhythmic grumbles coming from his stomach. He dreamed a horrific dream that night. In his dream, he saw himself, laying in the alley. But in this dream, he had died in his sleep from starvation. No one came for him, or found him until days later. No one knew who he was, or where he came from. He awoke, startled, in a cold sweat. The sun had just started to rise, and vendors were beginning to open for another day. Bankei's stomach rumbled again, reminding him of his nightmare. I need to get food soon, he thought, panicked. He stood up, walking down the street. He felt very weak, and could hardly get up, let alone start to walk. He stumbled upon a medicine store. He opened the door and headed inside, hoping that someone there would help him. A bell rang as the door opened and a smiling man turned around to look at the visitor. The man was taller than Bankei, but was much older. He wore a simple shirt and some shorts. Bankei took in his appearance and walked towards him.

"Hello. I am Ando. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am the medicine man here and it would be an honor to serve a monk. What is your name?" the smiling man said.

"My name is Bankei," Bankei said, his stomach grumbled, "I am very hungry, but I have no money. Would you be willing to help me?"

"Yes. I have the perfect thing for you." Ando replied. Bankei watched as he turned around, grabbing some herbs out of jars on a shelf. There are so many. I wonder how he keeps track of them all, he thought in amazement. Ando crushed the herbs with his mortar and pestle. He mixed them with some boiling water, allowing them to dissolve in the water. He poured the water into a cup and handed it to Bankei. "A healing potion for you. This should fill you up and return your strength for your trek home."

"Thank you sir. I am afraid that I do not have anything to repay you with." Bankei said shyly as he drank the potion.

"That is no problem. Just keep me in mind when you return and put a good word in for me with your master. Please come back sometime." Ando replied happily. Bankei waved and headed out the door, starting his trek up the mountain back to his master. He felt rejuvenated, his strength coming back to him. He didn't feel hungry anymore either. This time when heading up the mountain, Bankei made sure to keep his mind clear. He had no problem getting up the mountain, and was home with his master in no time. He walked in, removed his shoes, and headed over to greet his master. He bowed deeply and spoke, "Hello master. I have returned from my journey."

"I see. How did it go? Did you meet anyone while there?" his master responded.

"I got lost but I remembered your teachings. I met a medicine man there named Ando that fed me. He told me to tell you about him."

"Ah yes. I met Ando when I first visited Koshi. He was incredibly kind to me, and helped me too. I am glad that you have returned. You have mastered your virtues, and can begin the next level of your training."

"Thank you master" Bankei turned and left the room, heading up to his room. He laid down, and fell asleep, happy to have made it back. The next morning he woke up to his master coming in. "Good morning master." he said.

"Good morning Bankei. Would you like to begin your training?" his master asked.

"Yes please master. What will I be doing?" Bankei asked curiously.

"You will be joining me on a trip to another village to get some more herbs." his master replied. They both ate, packed some stuff, and headed out to begin Bankei's new lessons.

Kaedyn Keiser


English II

Art essay

Restricted Freedom

In America we don't really think too much about the treatment of women. In America we think of freedom. In America we believe men and women have equal rights. But what if we set our focus on somewhere else? England? Everything seems to be fine there. English women and men agree that everyone should be treated equally ( What about Russia? Women make up 46.9% of the employed population (, so it's close to equal there, too. How about Nepal? Now wait a second; why is that little girl marrying someone over twice her age?

The legal age to marry in Nepal is 20, though 37% of children marry before age 18. 10% before 15 ( I made this art piece to show the restraints a woman has in Nepal. A women's life depends on their father and husband, later their sons take control as well ( In my piece, the hands of a women is tied with barbed wire, symbolizing the lack of freedom they have their entire lives. Women rarely own land. If a wife's husband dies but they had a son, the son usually takes the land ( and the wife lives with her husbands parents. From the barbed wire in the art piece I made comes a rose in the lady's hands. A women's whole life in Nepal consist of work and and hateful comments by men. Women are considered a burden or pest ( and are often sold when they can't be taken care of, or if the family needs food. The rose shows the potential that these women have, but they can't prove it because no one lets them. Only 25% of women are enrolled in education institutions ( because many are working for their families or their forced upon husband. 40% of children in Nepal work because their parents won't let them go to school. Girls usually can't go to school because of poverty, child labor, boys being priorities over girls, and domestic burdens ( One "child bride" has had three children. Her first two didn't survive because her body couldn't handle it. She married at 12 years old. Often girls in these marriages experience domestic violence and rape.

With all of this information, I'm glad to share my art piece to show what these girls and women go through every day. Even with all of these challenges, most still hold their chin up and believe that one day Nepal will change and their sons and daughters won't have to walk in their shoes.


By: Will Van Dyke

Peaceful meditation and some high climates

the struggle of invasion and war

meditation is a way to clear the mind and find peace within yourself

I've been born into one of the most peaceful religion

Nirvana is what we want to reach

Being born again is a sign of selfishness

Living multiple trying to find nirvana

For hate is never conquered by hate.

Hate is conquered by love.

This is an eternal law.

Greed is what you don't want

People always want power.

Power is what a makes you crazy and makes you evil.

People want nirvana but yet they let things get in the way

What is Nirvana

Nirvana is anything you want it to be

When we meditate we are looking for something as close as it.

Eating and everything else turns from priority to

Non priority.

The Struggle is not letting evil thoughts in.

Selflessness is what you need to perceive what you want.

We don't need money

We don't need work

Only thing we work for is Nirvana

Dying is not what we are afraid of

We aren't afraid


By: Will Van Dyke

I am one

Who eats his breakfast,

Gazing at the morning glories.

Climb Mount Fuji

But slowly, slowly


By: Will Van Dyke

Walk and touch peace every moment.

Walk and touch happiness every moment.

Each step brings a fresh breeze.

Each step makes a flower bloom.

Kiss the Earth with your feet.

Bring the Earth your love and happiness.

The Earth will be safe

when we feel safe in ourselves.


By: Will Van Dyke


Harmonies with nature

Amazing nothing but the world and me

Nature is love

Nature is what helps us

Nature is where we become apart of when we die

Need to connect with it

Embrace it

Nepal Social Structure

By: Tyler Ellis


By: Trenis Brown


Nepal has a lot of it,

I lied,

I meant, it's fairly moderate

At least that's what the website says

I think it's accurate,

Cause if that's what the website says

I want to follow it.

Their biggest problem is corruption,

Also bribery,

The rate for that is 86

Not as bad for robbery

Their crime rate for robbery is 42

Honestly the crime there

Isn't that bad

I think it's better than the u.s.

Ever had

Maybe it's cause they're a small country

Maybe it's cause they're just good people

Either way their rates aren't that high

The lowest crime rate on the chart

Is fights started because of racism

Nepal has a lot of monks

Maybe that is why there's not racism



By: Trenis Brown


Drug dealings there

Are one of there biggest problems

But it's still super low

Looking at these charts makes me wonder..

This country should be great

I wonder why it's not

With such low crime rates

Their country seems like a friendly place

I would visit it looking at their crime rates

One day I hope America could be as great

As this country when it comes to crime















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