Exploring the FLMNH By: Logan Bassoff

Nature on Display

Giant- Sized Pitcher Plant

When I walked past this display I had to do a double take. I particularly liked this plant because of its ginormous size, it struck my curiosity. The photo gives a general idea how giant this plant particularly is. It's crazy to think that there are plants that can tower over the average human. If this display was merely a photo I wouldn't have been so intrigued to walk over, the replica brings this exhibit to life and easily teaches the viewer. The description also gave some insight to parts of the plant, which helped with a better visualization and understanding about the plants purpose.

Nature and Ethics

Butterfly Garden

I loved the butterfly garden because it was just the butterflies flying aimlessly, a mess of plants, and myself observing. Nature shouldn't always be controlled, but in a situation like this I enjoyed it beyond belief. On a day to day basis you aren't able to surround yourself with hundreds of butterflies and numerous species of plants, so it was refreshing being in a nature environment like that. I was able to "love, respect, and admire." Everybody in the butterfly garden had smiles on their faces, including me. Out of all of the exhibits, I spent the majority of my time walking through here and just watching, no two seconds were alike. It was nice that the employees even let you hold the butterflies if they landed on you or were able to coerce one onto your finger, typically you're yelled at not to touch the butterflies or anything.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Gems from Shell and Bone

Exhibits like this boggle my mind. These tools are from 700-1500 AD and made me reevaluate the tools we use today. It's hard to imagine someone sitting around during the 8th century just coming up with the idea to carve a piece of wood into a tool. The natural world is an ongoing mystery that has no definite answer, especially because fossils and artifacts are being constantly discovered. In current times, most things we use are based off of previously done ideas. For example, in this exhibit there was a wooden cutting tool, which eventually led to the design of the modern day knife we use. Everything comes from something. In the future, our great great great great great grand kids will be thanking their ancestors, us, for creating a certain object.

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