Texas Reconstruction By rebecca ferdman and ruby holland

Today was the first day of Reconnstruction. Southern States are completely ruined. Confederate State Governments were replaced With Governments from the United States.

Before Lincoln was assonated, Congress decided to let states that seceded join the United States again. The president had a plan to let all southerners take an oath to be loyal to the United States. Ever since Lincoln died, our new president, Andrew Johnson wanted to set up a provisional government in every southern state. The provisional government would would govern the state before remitted into the Union.

General Gordon Granger has recently arrived in Galveston to finally abolish slavery in all southern states. His first act was to announce the Emancipation Proclamation and to free all enslaved African Americans. Granger's act ending slavery was on June 19, 1865, this is now called Juneteenth. With Granger's help, Congress started "Freedman's Bureau" to help freed slaves get jobs and be supplied with food, water, medication, shelter and any other necessities that they need.

Last week, Johnson appointed Hamilton as the new ad internim as the governor of Texas. Hamilton wanted Texas to renter the Union quickly and smoothly. He was called in to a constitutional convention to write a new state constitution. Unfortunately, the constitution was bias towards the Confederate States.

This week, the new constitution of 1866 was written. Instead of writing a new constitution from scratch, the delegates decided to base it off of the constitution from the Civil War. This new constitution has very important amendments, such as to abolish slavery, pay off war debts, and nullify secession. The voters approved of this new constitution and elected our new state government. These voters also took confederate leaders back to power. These ex-confederates refused to use the two new constitutions; The Thirteenth Amendment which outlawed slavery, and The Fourteenth Amendment, which helped protect freed slaves rights. But that wasn't enough for the Texas Legislature, as they went on to make "black codes" which held back freed civilian's rights.

Today Congress has decided that they don't want to use Johnson's plan for reconstruction. They believe he is being too loyal to the Southerners and letting them go to easily. The Ratical Republicans disagree and said he should be harsher. The Ratical Republicans are a group of Northerners that believe congress should controll the reconstruction. The Republicans won the vote and kicked Johnson out of congress.

The new plan for reconstruction involves that all existing Governments in the South were banned. Congress decided to divide the South into five military districts. Texas and Louisiana share the fifth district. The last change congress made was t require white southerners to take the ironclad oath. The oath kept many Southerners to not voluntarily join the confederate army.

Today the Freedman's have helped other Freedmens to vote. Last week, nearly 50,000 freedmen voted. On the other hand, there are white supporters who are against the Freedman's Bureau, in an organization called the "Ku Klutz Klan". This group was known for many brutal attacks. For example, a family was shot and killed after the KKK figured out their father was a radical republican. This group also despises carpetbaggers and scalawags for helping the African Americans.

It is March 1870, and reconstruction in Texas is finally over. Many white texans believed it was not over until the Radical Republicans are not in charge. Texas's new governor Davis has had great power. The governor has placed many police officers in Texas, which many Texans are upset about. After the war, freed people have stayed in many rural areas and continue to farm. Others have settled in towns to make more jobs and businesses. Breaking news among the US! Democrats have finally taken back power in the government. They have won the majority of votes for seats in the state legislature.


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