Temperate Rainforest Japan

  • Average rainfall: 60.2 inches Min Rainfall: 31 inches Max Rainfall: 138 inches
  • Average Temperature: 79°F Min Temperature: 50°F Max Temperature: 98°F
  • Different seasons: Japan, as well as all temperate rainforest have two distinct seasons. One season being long and wet and one season being short, dry, and foggy.

Net Primary Productivity

Temperate rainforests are one of the most efficient ecosystems. These rainforest produce an average of 6,000 Kilocalories per square meter per year. The most efficient forest usually have about 9,000 kilocalories. Temperate Rainforests are greatly diverse in plants and animals. Temperate rainforests have a latitudinal range from about 40° North to 60° North.

Soil Quality

Due to the diversity and vast amounts of life in temperate rainforest, the soil is very rich and good for growing. Temperate rainforest hold the second best soil quality.

Invasive and Endangered Species

Red-crowned Cane

Found in marshland areas in Japan. The cranes were thought to be extinct after the marshlands, where they lived on were turned into rice fields.

Japanese Knotweed

Listed as one of the worlds's worst invasive species. It is very adaptive and can tolerate a wide range of soil types, pH, salinity, and weather conditions.

Animals in Biome

Japanese macaque

A terrestrial Old World monkey species that is native to Japan. Can eat a large variety of plants and have a large range of habitats. These monkeys have few predators are are very adaptive to all of the land in Japan.

Ussuri brown bear

One of the largest brown bears. These bears will eat a wide variety of animals and insects. They also only have one predator, Siberian tigers. They are one of the most wide-ranging mammals.

Sika deer

Also known as Japanese deer, these animals eat a wide variety of plants and fungi. They prefer forest but can easily adapt to other habitats. They are primarily hunted by wolves and tigers.

Plants in Biome

Cherry tree

Cherry blossoms are know as Japan's unofficial flower. Can grow to 75 feet tall and can grown on almost any land in Japan.

Japanese Pine

This pine is adaptable and will grow on a wide-variety of soils under many conditions. It can withstand droughts and forms its desired shape as it grows.

Pink Moss

This plant spreads rapidly and over wide spreads of land. It adapts to evergreen leaves during non-blooming seasons.

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