Descriptive Writing This descriptive writing is all about me enjoy!!

"Hello extraordinary and spectacular people I'm Pranjal and this wonderful piece of writing is all about me, and also about a shield which I drew which has four section and in each section I've drawn something that reflects about me". "Some basic information about me is, I was born in Middle more hospital on the 20th of November 2003 which currently makes me 13 years old and I live with my mom, dad, and an annoying little brother"." People would usually describe me as generous, awkward, loud, jolly, weird and they usually say I have a weird, funny laugh"hahaha". Some important and valuable things in my life are my stunning family, stupendous friend and mostly education which is gonna determine my future. , I am a typically Indian girl who's short with medium jet black hair, dark brown eyes with a dimple on her right cheek". "So guys get your popcorn's ready and ENJOY"!!!

New Zealand

"In the middle of the shield we had to write our surname as a title and I also feel like our surnames represent us the most"." In the first section we had to draw something related to our culture and where we come from, so I decided to draw two medium size flag one being a Fiji flag and the other one being a New Zealand flag"." I was born in New Zealand but my nationality is Fijian/Indian but I have never felt or experienced what Fiji is like because I don't remember going to Fiji but my parents told me I went to Fiji 3 times when I was little, WHAT 3 times, I still don't believe that''. I grew up in Pakuranga and when I was around 5 and 6 years old we moved to Papatoetoe"." My primary school was Papatoetoe west, my intermediate school was Papatoetoe intermediate and I miss that school so much along with my two best friends Simran and Harsha and plus intermediate was way kicked back and just way more chilled. One of my favorite places I've visited in New Zealand was Cape Reinga, it's literally the most admirable and gorgeous place I have ever seen.


"In the second box, we had to draw our favorite hobbies and things we like to do". This was really hard for me because I have a lot of favorite hobbies like dancing, art, listening to music, watching television, reading books, and playing netball, but I narrowed it down to my two favorite's, Art and Music. One of my Favourite topics is English, art and social studies and I absolute hate math just because it takes half of my brain and it's just too much thinking. In my spare time outside ill just go outside and take that fresh air to freshen up my mind btw [ I'm a person who loves being outside and nature].


The third section was the worst cause we have to draw our beliefs and something we as aspire to be in the future and honestly at this point I still haven't determined and made up my mind of what I wanna do in the future cause there are so many wonderful vertices of thing to be. I have somewhat close like I would do something around helping people as in being a doctor, So for the third section, i drew an injection to represent doctor. For my belief, i think you should just always be happy no matter what going on with your life and be more positive in what's going on. One of a lesson that I've learned is that don't judge someone of how the look which is very important because nearly all the friends I have right now are people that I didn't like before.

In the last section of the shield, we need to draw something that represents Papatoetoe high school. I drawn the Papatoetoe logo which is of a man running with a torch and the meaning behind this is Digne Lampada tradas[worthy to hold the torch]. I the left side corner I wrote Kauri house because I'm in blue, my form class is S8 and my subject classes are 9kcu. so far in I've got along with my teachers and students very well and people in this school are not what imaged at all, I thought they were gonna mean and horrid but I was wrong they are very friendly and very pleasant. Fun fact about the school, Papatoetoe high school was opened in 1957 which means it's been opened for over sixty years and just by thinking about that's a very long time. This school's focus is been respectful, be responsible, be a learner.

Overall i think the shield that we did was very interesting because as I mentioned in paragraph 3 I like doing art so for me this whole shield idea was amusing. I hope u found this descriptive writing about me enjoyable and hopefully you learnt something new about me.

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