Adobe Spark Learning Journal Main idea/details

A. struggling readers, students who do not read the passage, problems with comprehension

B. problems with comprehending the story, would have problems calling the words in the story, and also problems with remaining focused on the task, it would be helpful to have them read the story aloud, read the story several times, and ask questions about the passage

C. make sure to choose a story that would be interesting to the students, choose smaller stories, choose a story based on their individual reading levels

D. props, make a video

The process was a little confusing at first. However, after I worked on it a short time it was fun. I really enjoyed making a design. I would make a tree and some branches. If you are given the tree, you would give the main idea. If you are given a branch, you would give a supporting detail for the story.

The students need to understand this skill and relate digital coding because it helps them understand the connection between the real world skills and their world.

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