The Godot Theory By: Brooke, Hailee, Bryanna, Dustin, and brayden

Theory: "Godot" represents people’s state of mind and attitude toward God. They don't exactly know what he looks like or who he is personally. Yet people put their full faith in Him. All they know is that they are supposed to wait for him and please him from what they hear(in stories, the bible, etc.)

Text Support

No one in the play has seen Godot except for the little boy but they believe him that he’s real. It's like the story Vladimir tells about the thieves on page 9“but one of the four says that one of the two was saved” while the three others don't say that but when asks who believes the one person's story, Vladimir responds with “everybody. Its the only version they know”

Godot can be seen as god because of the similarities in their names and in lucky’s speech it says “God quaquaquaqua with white beard” and later on when asking the boy about Godot

“Has he a beard, mr Godot

Yes Sir

Fair or….(he hesitates)... or black?

I think it’s white, Sir”

Connection to other texts

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Rosencrantz: easygoing, confused majority of the time, and seeks simplicity

Similar to Estragon, who appears helpless throughout the plotline

Guildenstern: Anxious, seeks understanding, rational character

Vladimir: Responsible mature, thinky guy, his hat represents knowledge

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is an absurd play, the characters aren't really sure whats going on and the events have no correlation to one another. In this same manner, Waiting for Godot describes to men waiting for Godot, but fail to mention their intention and/or motives

Both portray mystery and absurdity

Dante’s Inferno

Dante is lost and wanders helplessly, waiting for help, when suddenly Virgil appears

In a similar aspect, Vladimir and Estragon are helplessly waiting for Godot

Thresholds: sin in Earth is equal to punishment he/she receives in hell

Estragon’s threshold: to take off his boots or not?

To face reality and the issues he must overcome or to run away from truth


Emil Sinclair seemed to be infatuated by Demian, he admired him in an indescribable way

Lucky admires his master Pozzo

Real- Life Connection

People pray all the time in hope that whatever they are praying for will come true. They can never tell if what they want will happen but they must keep their faith in believing that their prayers will be answered. They cannot see God but believe that he is real and is listening to them at all times. At times they may those faith and think they should give up on praying, but their faith tells them to keep believing. They hope that he will come through and provide them with what they are praying for.

The Artwork: This scene from Spongebob reminded me of Vladamir and Estragon because no matter how much they want to leave, they find themselves doing exactly what the boy says (which is to wait another day for Godot). They put their full faith in Godot. In this case, spongebob and patrick find themselves waiting for help and doing nothing because the "magic conch" provides some sort of hope.

Connection to a real Human

My friend William always wonders if his soulmate will ever come. He feels lost because he could never find "the one." He often tells me that he gives up, but the next thing I know is he is talking about god and how He will provide him with a future, so he waits...


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