教宗心中有鬼 避谈香港 【中英对照翻译】

新闻来源:《Taiwan News》;作者:Ching-Tse Cheng

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Pope Francis omits planned Hong Kong reference in Sunday's talk



Leader of Catholic Church faces criticism for skipping remarks on Beijing’s HK security law


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Pope Francis has allegedly omitted a pre-written paragraph of his speech, where he addressed Beijing's recent implementation of the Hong Kong national security law, during his Angelus address on Sunday (July 5).

台北(台湾新闻)— 据称教宗方济各在其周日(7月5日)的致辞中,被指省略了一段本来已经被写入讲稿的内容段落,其中本应涉及北京最近实施的香港国家安全法。

Contrary to what the global community had been led to believe by his previous hints, the Pope did not offer a reflection on Hong Kong's current situation like he had planned. He also noticeably left out a plea for religious freedom and human rights in the special administrative region, according to Italian journalist Marco Tosatti, who reported the incident on his blog.

与国际社会所预期的相反,教宗并未按照其计划的那样对香港当前的状况进行反思。意大利记者马可·托萨蒂(Marco Tosatti)在其博客上就此进行了报道。据称,值得注意的是,教宗没有提到对特别行政区就宗教自由和人权方面的呼吁。

Tosatti pointed out that the reporters who attended the Angelus all received a copy of the Holy See Bulletin prior to the speech, but were later advised that the section of the Pope's remarks about Hong Kong's new legislation would be skipped. While there was no explanation offered by the Vatican, Tosatti said he suspected the Pope's decision was driven by political pressure from the Chinese government.


In the embargoed version of his speech, the Pope expressed his concerns for Hong Kong and its residents, adding that he hoped the people involved could solve their differences with "wisdom and authentic dialogue," which requires non-violence and "respect for the dignity and rights" of each individual. He emphasized that societal and religious freedoms could be exercised as stated in various international documents, reported CNA.


In the wake of the Pope's obvious Hong Kong omission, some international media have criticized him for succumbing to Beijing's pressure. Hong Kong Bishop Emeritus Joseph Zen (陳日君) also warned of the consequences of compromising with a totalitarian regime, stressing that the Catholic Church would not be spared if Hong Kong loses its freedom and that the Vatican would eventually become unable to defend the religious freedom of individuals worldwide, reported Liberty Times.

教宗就香港问题的明显不作为引发了一些国际媒体的批评,指责他屈从于北京方面的压力。香港名誉主教陈日君也警告过与极权政权妥协的后果,并强调如果香港失去自由,天主教徒将无法幸免,梵蒂冈最终将无法在世界范围内捍卫个人的宗教自由。 《自由时报》报道。