Tya Ann Martin (Tya Storyz), born October 22, in Delano, California to Tijuana and Rev. Ronald Martin Sr.

Her parents met in Wilimington, DE and eventually moved to California to start anew with her oldest brother. After her younger brother was born her parents moved the family back to Wilmington, DE. Tya, her 2 brothers Gary, Wayne, sister Ashley, and first cousin Monica (Nay Nay) ranged between 4 months to 3 years apart in age. Growing up the 5 of them would easily be found working on some form of art. Drawing, reading, but mostly singing and dancing. Tya’s Mom often took them to neighborhood competitions, and showcases which gave Tya a taste of showmanship. The oldest 4 would put on shows for family members on weekends. They would choreograph dances and learn lyrics to songs such as “Colors” by Ice-T, “Smush It”, “Rollin With Kid N Play”, and so many more.

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'When the window of opportunity opens run like the wind" by Tya Storyz
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Tya Storyz's parents moved her and her siblings to VA when she was 7 years old due to rise in crime in the north. She began singing at the age of 8 as a member of her childhood church First Baptist Mappsville, VA, where Rev. James I. Boyd was the Pastor and her father was the ordained Associate Pastor. By the age of 13, she joined the Virginia Baptist Association Youth Mass Choir which strengthened her vocal abilities and techniques. While a member she gained attention for her strong vocal tones and unique sound which landed her as a lead soloist. Tya then realized her passion for expression through singing.

Even in her youth, her presence and vocals stood out among her peers.

During the summer before her freshman year in high school Tya and her childhood best friend Nicole (Nikki) Beverly the daughter of Rev. Boyd would get together almost every weekend to practice songs. Tya with a soulful, and deeper alto pitch, and Nikki was a harmonic soprano decided to become a duet and eventually created a demo tape.

Though the girls were close and passionate about learning and creating their own unique sound, entering high school changed the dynamic of the duo. Tya pursued sports all throughout elementary and high school, yet held her education just as important. However, her love for singing always remained, as at home her family would continuously hear her humming and singing. Her Mom used to call Tya into the kitchen to sing songs such as “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. As a teenager she invested in various artist cds such as Barry White, Anita Baker, Regina Bell, Busta Rhymes, B.B. King. Her older brother Gary always had music which also influenced the dynamic vocal style Tya Storyz inevitably developed. Just about every night after sports practice she would return to home and after preparing for bed would listen to “I Miss You” Aaron Hall, Boyz II Men, Celine Dion, Jodeci, and 112.


By the middle of senior year Tya Storyz was accepted to Virginia State University where she gained both track and volleyball scholarships. While at VSU, Tya was known by many for being active in sports, a marching band dancer (Essence of Troy), and a member of TAPS (The Association of Political Scientist). Nonetheless, she maintained her love for music. She briefly joined a five part girl group which lasted a few months after completing their first single. Her love for showmanship and music remained with her throughout earning her Bachelor of Arts degree.

After graduating from VSU, Tya moved to West Virginia where she stayed for several years before moving to Georgia to focus exclusively on her music. She continued to write, record, attend open mics, and do features with other Independent Artist, along with working on her Master’s degree which she succeeded in doing June 2014. Over the next 2 years Tya never really found contentment in 9-5 employment.

Hence, Tya Storyz moved to Athens, GA in 2015 where she met several artist, promoters, producers, and music supporters.

Since then Tya Storyz has performed at numerous venues solely and alongside Indie Artist. Tya Storyz has sung at political campaigns, fashion shows, fundraising events, schools, churches, and has recorded at record labels such as Average Joe Records with her previous Producer Randall Lumpkin who has engineered for Colt Ford for years. Tya is also an aspiring actress. Her first film“Scott Free”, due to premier fall 2019, included leading actors and celebrities such as Columbus Short, Mama Jones, DJ Holiday, and Al Coe to name a few.

Her experience in production, music, and film has given her insight on the business aspect of the entertainment industry. She is currently the Producer of MVP TV Network’s “The Emerging Narratives Live Show” platform for local national news, current events, topics such as economy, education, health, and entertainment. She is the Co-Founder of The PremiEar which currently produces "The Inspirational Treasures Show" and is continuously expanding.

Tya Storyz's name has been added to the list as Host and performing Artist for the Athens Hip Hop Awards Show. In 2019, Tya is scheduled to be featured on at the Morton Theater, Classic Center, Black History Bowl, 420 2Lit Fest, iLounge, Azure Blue's Cork, Human Rights Fest., Hot Corner Fest., and the MVP TV Network's Motown Tour.

She is an active advocate for nonviolence and tenaciously supports platforms and events against violence. Tya is the Founder of a non-profit, Fantasy Refuge Inc., a transitional living facility for families, single parents, domestic violence victims, and adults in need of such services. It is intended to open doors by winter of 2019. She finds great pleasure in soothing and assisting others with support and compassion. Her voice is the carriage of her heart. She is music. Her sound is intriguing, powerful, yet soothing & unorthodox. As radio personality Lady B of WXAG Athens Radio puts it "One of the most melodic voices she has ever heard." Tya is indeed a woman of talent and intellect, yet remains unpretentious.

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Tya Storyz
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