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Pop Art- is modern popular culture, that uses iconic/ critical comments om the fine art values. It is also, an art movement that began in the mid-1950s in Great Britain. But, in the late 1950s in the USA.
The main purpose of the Pop Art movement was a rebellion against non-objective art like abstract expressionism. Pop Art began as a subversion of classical and fine art.
Four famous artist from this movement are Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton, Peter Blake, and Andy Warhol.
Areas like advertisement, culture things and comic books, are associated with Pop Art. Pop art is considered ideas of abstract expressionist or expressionism . Pop Art employs images of popular images in art, emphasizes elements of any theme, mainly irony.
Pop Art is short for Popular Art. At first it was used by an English critic. Lawerence Alloway. This described post war work on materialism and consumerism.
This is a collage of Pop Art. (I couldn't fit all 10 pictures on one slide, so I found a picture.)
I chose this movement, because it was interesting. Also, I enjoy trying to attempt to do this type of art. Its not like the other types of artwork, it's different. It has its own style.
In the movement, People were mostly painted. But, if it wasn't people then it was Onomatopoeia.
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