Andrew Carnegie Robber Baron and Captain

Andrew Carnegie WAS a ROBBER BARON!

Andrew Carnegie was one of the richest men alive, yet he paid his workers barely anything. Everyday his workers would be at his factory for 12 hours working in dangerous conditions. Once in a while someone would die. Yet, he only paid them $2.25 for the day.

Instead of paying his workers a fair amount, he wasted money. For instance, he purchased a castle and renovated it for $10 million. In todays money that is around $237 million! Andrew Carnegie did not even live there, he made occasional visits.

Carnegie's Skibo castle

Andrew Carnegie played dirty to own the best steel industry of his time. In September 1875 production cost $55 and the selling price $65. In November 1877 the production costs became $40 and selling $41. He was able to produce the steel at a much lower price and was rich so he could make the production and selling price practically the same. By lowering prices to the bare minimum he is knocking out the competition because costumers want steel for the cheapest price.


During his life he may have been a Robber Baron but today his actions in the gilded age have positively affected life today.

Thanks to his production of steel, buildings and bridges have been built unifying America, creating an economic boom making more jobs.

One of the bridges built by Andrew Carnegie.

He also improved and supported the education systems in America. He founded Carnegie Institution which gave funding to universities and colleges for research. He also donated over 100 libraries to some of these universities helping advance America's education system.

Andrew Carnegie created Carnegie Hall in New York City. Carnegie hall is known as one of the most esteemed music venues in America. Over the years it has featured a variety of musical acts including the Beatles.

Carnegie Hall


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