Princess in waiting by celena Meg CABOT

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The story follows the main character, Amelia "Mia" Thermopolis, she is a princess in a different country. There is a lot of character such as Micheal- he is the senior boy that mia is inlove with. She is jelouse that he might like another girl that is prettier than her. Her grandma- who is a old lady that gives her advice about the love of her life. her dad he loves her and excited that Mia is the princess of Gevonia.
genre, theme, and setting .....Mia thermepolis is the princess of gevonia mia loves to write. She has a boyfriend that lives in another country. She is very smart.This novel was made in 2000. The time is in a country where mia is a princess.
Plot summary : Mia lives with her mom who is a famous painter. All Mia wants is to see her boyfriend Micheal. Mia is counting down the days until she gets to see her boyfriend. She hates being the princess of Gevonia.
characters: Mia, Grandmere-,Lilly Moscovitz, Michael Moscovitz, Lana Weinberger Josh Richter, Helen Thermopolis S Philippe Renaldo ..Mia is a princess but would rather live a normal life, Grandmere is mias grandmother, lilly is mias boyfriend sister, Micheal is the love of mia, lana is a popular cheerleader , helen is mias single mother and a famous painter, and philippe is mias father who is the prince of gevonia.

Main confict: Amelia is having a hard time. She dosn't like being away from micheal the only thing she worries about is her passing Algebra. but the she finds out that her mother is dating her math teacher for her everything is a disaster.

book evalation : I love this book. It is about a princess that dosn't really want to be a princess but has to because her dad is the prince of gevonia. I would say it is alittle bit of romance, sadness, and a little of jealousy. Mia is inlove with a boy that lives thousands miles away but she is really jealouse of girls that lives over there.
Quotes: "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent" , " a queen is never late every one is simply early"

Diversity- the condition of variety

revise- to change

chateau-an impressive country house (or castle) in France

empirical-based on experience or observation rather than theory


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