Featured Artist ADAM LANMAN


Adam Lanman

"I am an artist, who is occasionally an architect or I am an architect who occasionally tells people I am an artist-especially if those people are architects. My studio confuses modern objects with historical ones, bricks with skin, and paper models with memories. My creations lie between the realm of applied art and fine art and I feel equally comfortable working with my MIG welder as I do my sumi brush.

Born in Nebraska, the son of two traveling ministers, I was raised in multiple rural communities throughout the Midwest. As a teenager, while working for a pair of chefs in Denver, I started designing theatrical sets for a local troupe. It was soon after this that I began my formal education culminating in a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Cornell University.

Our constructed environment is ubiquitous. The opportunities to defamiliarize the familiar and to alter preconceived notions of where and how we live out our lives are endless. As an architect I am externally directed by ideas about site, program, function, and structure. As an artist I am directed by a series of internal benchmarks. There is a poetic nature to our built environment and our existence in it. Through my work I am constantly reevaluating our most basic assumptions about our relationship to what we build, why we build and how it affects our daily lives."