Eddie Adams By gary gao

Eddie Adams was born in June 12th, 1933, and died in Sept 18th, 2004.

Eddie's photography is all about the people which in war. His picture have his own emotion and to show the importance of the peace.

Eddie Adams used the battlefield as the background, took picture for the armies, and the children and women which hurt by the war.

Eddie Adams worked for the American government to take photos in the war.

Eddie Adams used his black and white camera and with the short length, because at that time, the modern camera had just been invent.

Eddie Adams usually use the natural lights in his photograph, because there is no lights in war.

Eddies teacher influence his opinion for photography.

the person who influence Eddie Adams the best is his teacher, which change his opinion.Eddie have won the prize in 1969 of one of his most famous photo.

I like his works, which is really full with emotion and meaningful, also shows the bad of war.

Created By
Yiran Gao

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