Gator Gram Kate Venezio

Follow this map to get to each photo spot

norman hall tunnel

Norman Hall tunnel or "graffiti tunnel" was built because so students would be able to safely and quickly cross 13th Street. Your pictures here don't have to be just a TBT because the art is always changing. Students are constantly covering each other’s work to paint. In 2008, the tunnel was whitewashed to cover the graffiti. But within 24 hours, students were back with paint in hand. Stand in front of the art that you like or stand with the graffiti in the background with the focus on a person. Tag your picture at “Norman Hall Tunnel” or use a hashtag, “#normantunnel” or “#graffitigainesville.” A darker filter will make the colors of the wall pop! If you're hungry for more tips, follow the map to the French Fries.

the french fries

The Alachua Statue, AKA "french fries" was built by John Henry in 1989. The French fries stand next to Marston Library. Every gator has had their picture taken here. Stand in front of the French Fries facing the Reitz Union to include the Century Tower in the background. You can either take a close-up photo or have your photographer stand farther back to showcase your OOTD. Tag this photo at "Marston Science Library." Use #UFfrenchfries or #friesbeforeguys. A natural tone will show off Florida's sunny days. (Photo: Allison Schaper) Now turn around and take a short walk to the Century Tower.

the century tower

The 157-foot-tall tower was completed in 1953, an alumni’s idea to construct a memorial to honor students who die in World War I and II. The tower looks good captured up-close or far away. Take a picture with the tower as the focus or off-centered. The tower looks very different depending on your combination of time, angle and proximity to the tower. But she looks good from every angle. Using a filter that brings out the sky will give the tower a “wow” factor. The Century Tower is every student’s “WCW.” You’re not a gator for life, you’re a #gatorforcenturies. Head East on Newell Drive to arrive at your final destination.

plaza of the americas

The Plaza of the Americas is a spot that everyone can appreciate. The Plaza was named in February of 1931. The Plaza is a favorite spot among students. The trees and open space are welcoming to anyone wanting to sleep, read, hangout or lie in hammock. The Plaza is very photogenic and looks great on any IG account. Even though the space itself is simple, there are lots of insta-worthy opportunities. Scooters line the streets with a canopy of trees shading them and can even make sewer steam look beautiful. Use #cultured #partyintheplaza #UFhang for your pictures. Dark contrasts greatly enhance the colors of all the trees.

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