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N.F.G Broadcasting

was established back in 1992 as N.F.G. Artist's the original concept was to become an outlet for up and coming local artist's of all types Musicians, Songwriters, Authors, Comedians, Cartoonists, Painters, pretty much anyone with creative inspiration. We wanted to become a kinda supportive assistance collaborative Local talent supporting and promoting other local talent assisting each other where we could by loaning out our skills amongst ourselves to deliver a final product. Example being, a writer can't always sing or play an instrument, a musician can't always draw cover art for their demo CD's ... so on and so forth. Working in this manner everyone gets the assistance they need and everyone gets their talent promoted to a wider audience. We had high expectations and lofty goals. Unfortunately the whole thing fell apart from the beginning, never quite materializing into what we envisioned it to be.

From the start I came up with the name N.F.G. Artist's and I continued to use it and still do unofficially on all my projects. Later as I found myself working alone late into the night on my designs.... I came up with...

" The Lone Wolf "

as my official logo

Now I was never as talented as many of those that I surrounded myself with and I knew some truly gifted artist's..... but my talent was different. I had a visionary gift, I knew how to put things together....arrangement and timing, the right song to follow up the right phrase or the right caption to go with the right picture or a complete jingle from a single word. That kinda thing, all fueled by a warped sense of humor, lightning fast sarcasm and a knack for promoting. Eventually day to day responsibilities took Presidentce over creative ideas and hobbies. So over time N.F.G. Artist's began to fall into the shadows.

" Veni Vidi vici "

But than modern technology reignited my creative spirit and I began doing all sorts of things that I could only have dreamed about in the past.....digital photo editing ....mixing recordings with sound effects and music. I started doing small fictional commercials to amuse my friends which became more and more elaborate and then in 2013

N.F.G. Broadcasting was born

Today N.F.G. Broadcasting operates a fictional radio station WNFG with my co-host Siri and Pepper"the wonder dog"chief of studio security

And true to our origins we still look to support other artist's. So if you have a catchy little original tune or a great song parody ( we love those) send it in and we'll write an episode around it and play it on our airwaves making sure your name is credited to the music we never claim credit for something we didn't write or perform !

We always need new music to play on our station....and in doing so we'll help promote you as an artist and list credits driving traffic to your website or YouTube channel. We at WNFG pride ourselves on our sense of humor... strive to be politically incorrect....and love to poke fun at anything we can. You don't have to agree our view of the world, but we can still all have fun and share a laugh

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