Core Values By Haley Taddeo

Pat Tillman's Core Values

Service to others- Pat Tillman changed his life in order to serve his country. He values service to others because it fulfills his life in ways that football couldn't. Serving in the military meant that he was protecting many people's lives and was having a greater impact on people than he ever could have playing football.

"Pat was presented with an opportunity to avoid this fate: he was offered a ticket out of the Army... Tillman replied that he was flattered by the interest, but he wouldn't consider leaving the Army before his contract was completed"(257).

Resilience- Pat had a tough start during his football career. He was a small kid when he was in high school, and all odds were against him. His coaches told him he would never make varsity, never mind go pro. But Pat didn't care what they had to say. He worked hard to eventually become the best one on his high school team, go to a division 1 college, and then get drafted by the Arizona Cardinals.

"He had become Leland's star player... Pat excelled at every position"(19).

Educating Oneself-Pat was different from the stereotypical athlete. He enjoyed learning and had a passion for school. Not only did he like learning in school, but he liked learning about football and how to be better, and he enjoyed learning in the Army. He always wanted to better himself and be the best he could be by learning and growing as a person.

"He was 'conscientious about learning and generally well behaved'"(18).

My Core Values

Family/Friendship- This is one of my core values because having family and friends and good relationships with them, is extremely important. When you need people to talk to, they are always there for you and are supportive of you throughout life.

Humor- Having a sense of humor is extremely important to me. In life, you need to laugh and have fun in order to be happy. I think that making other people laugh is the beat thing people can do. Also having a good sense of humor is one of the best qualities because you can turn peoples days around and put a positive spin on anything life throws at you.

Kindness- Being kind to others allows you to build lasting relationships with people and I think that is very important. No matter what, people should always be kind to one another because in this world, and especially now, people are getting hurt more than they are being brought up and supported by others. "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - Mark Twain

Adventure- Adventure is important to me because it makes life interesting. Without adventure and risks, life would be boring and you wouldn't be as happy. Doing different fun and exciting things keeps spirits up and gives life a purpose.

Determination- Determination is important to me because if you want to go anywhere in life, you need to be determined. To be successful you have to set goals and work towards them with strong determination.


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