Who's on Drugs? vick king

Vick King is a 27 year old high school graduate who was diagnosed with Insomnia, and has severe neuropathic pain , and developed a tobacco addiction. Vick started smoking cigarettes after he dropped out of school because he would sleep all day from not being able to sleep at night. When he did attend school he usually walked out after just a couple hours because he would get bad anxiety attacks. Vick's parents tried almost every medication that was recommended by doctors and other parents with diagnosed kids.

2 years after Vick dropped out of school Colorado legalized the use of Marijuana. Vick and his parents discussed him smoking marijuana and they didn't like the idea until they looked at the benefits of patients using medical marijuana and they talked to a doctor. The doctor told them that many people come to him with questions about medical marijuana to help ease chronic pain or help prevent vomiting for cancer patients. chronic pains and insomnia are also main reasons people ask about weed, Vick told the doctor about him not being able to sleep all night so he stays inside all day and sleeps often skipping school and then dropping out of school all together. The doctor informed Vick and his parents about using a Vaporizer or marijuana edibles instead of smoking weed if they would rather look into that. Vick decided he wanted to give cannabis a try so the doctor approved him of a green card and Vick went to a dispensary just outside of town. The staff members were super friendly and helped Vick find the perfect strain for him.

After a couple months of smoking medical marijuana Vick decided he would try to go back to school and graduate. When he went back he would smoke before he went to bed at night and before he left for school. The marijuana took his mind off smoking cigarettes and he hasn't craved one in over a year. Vick would start working at a local restaurant and met a girl named Maryjane, who became his girlfriend after a couple months of talking and hanging out. Before there relationship got serious Vick made sure she knew about his troubles and that he smoked medical marijuana. She told Vick that her dad has smoked marijuana to help prevent vomiting from his chemotherapy.

"These small lipid neuromodulators bind to specific receptors on presynaptic terminals, where they block the release of neurotransmitters. Because their receptors are widespread, cannabinoids, whether endogenous, plant-derived, or synthetic, regulate neurotransmission in many circuits, including in pain-producing pathways." this was stated by http://www.painresearchforum.org in a article discussing the debate of medical marijuana. In other words people who suffer from chronic pain or nerve damage that causes constant pain can be relieved with the help of cannabis. the cannabinoids link to receptors in your nerves that produce neurotransmitters (which causes the feeling of pain) and the cannabinoids block the transmissions without changing or causing any problems to your nerves or body.

Landon Riddle is a ALL (acute lymphocyte leukemia) cancer survivor who was 2 years old and had leukemia tumors in his chest and he couldn't breathe because of it, Landon was flown to a children's hospital in Salt Lake City where they began a Chemo treatment plan for 4 months, but the doctors told Landon's mom he probably wasn't going to make it. The leading doctors gave him an 8% survival chance. The first 2 months of Landon's treatment went well but then he got terribly ill. Landon's mom said most days he couldn't even get up off the couch he would just lay there and constantly throw up. while this was going on he also developed neuropathy in his legs which can cause weakness, numbness, and pain. It got so bad Landon couldn't even walk. After starting a Facebook page, offer hope for Landon, recommendations were given from the followers with some suggesting Medical Marijuana. Landon's mom and grandmother discussed it and started looking into it. They ended up getting in touch with the Stanley Brothers in Colorado. The 6 brothers are one of Colorado's top marijuana dispensary owners. After starting to take the marijuana Landon's red and white blood cells increased tremendously. Landon's mother saw the drastic improvement in his health and decided to stop his chemo treatment all together. The head doctor told her that if she refused to continue the chemo she would have no other option but to report her to the proper authority's. Child Services didn't file any case and Landon is now in remission with no sign of recurrence.


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